Members -

I wanted to use this space tonight/this morning to discuss what is happening, especially as it relates to a couple of items that are still functionally different from last week's outage

1) UserCP - Subscribed Threads. vBulletin made a code change on this version of the forum software that removed the cookie based handling and it's now all pointing to the database. Effectively, the code will should new threads, but once you read that thread, since there are no more new post, this will no longer be listed.

I'm not sure how I want to attack this one yet - there appears to be a couple of options, but there is some risk that I need to understand before making the code modification. Stay tuned on this one

2) EMail Notifications - Something that I found this morning researching is that there was a bunch of code that was left out as it relates to Email Notifications getting pushed out. SOOOO, according to developers, they have indicated using an older version of the file that controls this, which has been done. I do need to look at a couple of other options, including ensuring that SCF is not blacklisted. This SHOULD be resolved.

I am also reaching and trying to see from other forum owners if switching the email handling to go directly out via the Mail servers instead of using vBullletin is worthwhile.

A week or so before the server issues - I had made a small modification that will only print your signature once per page. This was done in an effort make the spacing for each post a bit tighter. Something that I had noticed is that between this and the amount of information about the poster, it was causing an excess amount of space.

The modification added tonight will take the information about poster that is on the left side of the page and break it down into Tabs, All of the information that was tied to the poster is mostly included. I have removed the user Avatar picture for the time being (I might add this back in)

the tabs will be as such
1 - General Information about the user

2 - Favorite Teams - You can add your favorite teams in your profile -

3 - Social and Hobby Information - You can add your favorite teams in your profile -

4 - and PayPal Verified Status

5 - Your Member Specific Pages (like your Inventory in the Inventory Manager)

I believe this, along with the showing signatures once a page will help make for a lot less dead space in posts.

Lastly - there will be some pockets of downtime this week. It was initially scheduled for this morning, but I am asking for a delay on this because I want to make sure they have everything backed up right. When those are officially scheduled, I will make sure a notice is posted about this.

Speaking of backups, I plan to spend time this week looking at different solutions to make sure that the databases are backed up much more frequently - thus not having data loss. I would like to have this in place soon.

If you have questions, please ask.