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    Jul 2003
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    Trade list, GU/Autos/RC's

    Looking for things in my Sig, but will consider all offers. I am not on here all of the time but will be checking back first thing tomorrow.

    Aikman Troy 1989 Score RC 270
    Aikman Troy 1989 Topps Traded RC 70T
    Aikman Troy 1989 Pro Set RC 490
    Allen Marcus 1996 Pacifdic Crown CR-95
    Alstott Mike 2001 Upper Deck PP-MA Jersey, Red, Tampa
    Bettis Jerome 1993 UD SP RC 6
    Bishop Michael 1999 Collectors SF-10 Supreme Futures Insert
    Bledsoe Drew 1993 SP RC 9
    Booker Marty 2003 Fleer 108 140/200 Tiffany Parallel
    Burnell Mark 1993 SP RC 91
    Calico Tyrone 2003 Donruss Elite 150 Numbered 397/500
    Couch Tim 1999 Omega 57
    Curtis Kevin 2003 Sage A11 28/400
    Davis Terrell 1995 UD SP RC 130
    Davis Sammy 2003 Sage A12 391/520
    Farve Brett 1997 Pinnacle V3 V2 Insert
    Faulk Marshall 1994 Pacific RC 426
    Faulk Marshall 1994 UD SP Foil RC 4 RC
    Flutie Doug 1987 Topps RC 45
    Galloway Joey 1995 Topps Finest RC 166
    Garner Charlie 2003 Donruss 35 063/200
    George Eddie 1996 Leaf, Gold Leaf Rookies 9 of 10
    Gesser Jason 2003 Topps Chrome RC 121
    Griese Brian 1998 Topps Finest RC 122
    Griese Brian 1998 Upper Deck RC 28
    Grossman Rex 2003 Fleer Tradition RC 279
    Harrison Marvin 1996 Upperdeck RC 18
    Henry Travis 2001 Press Pass "Break out" 12/36
    Holmes Priest 2003 Fleer 1 of 30 CC With Earl Campbell 0860/1500
    Holt Torry 1999 Ultra RC 265RG Gold Medallion Edition Parallel
    Holt Torry 1999 Topps RC 343
    Jacobs Taylor 2003 Fleer Tradition RC 280 Tiffany Parallel 036/200
    Jacobs Taylor 2003 Fleer Tradition RC 280
    Jaworski Ron 2000 Upper Deck RJ Auto
    John Elway 1984 Topps RC 63 Bad Centering
    Johnson Keyshawn 1996 Topps Chrome RC 159
    Johnson Keyshawn 1996 Select Certified RC 105
    Johnson Keyshawn 1996 UD SP Rookie 1
    Johnson Keyshawn 1996 Topps Finest RC 225
    Johnson Larry 2003 Fleer Tradition RC 275
    Johnson Keyshawn 1996 Bowmans Best RC 180
    Johnson Keyshawn 1996 Donruss Rated RC 1 of 10
    Johnson Keyshawn 1996 Topps Stadium RC 150
    Lloyd Brandon 2003 Sage A26 589/779
    Manning Peyton 1998 Topps Chrome RC 165
    Manning Peyton 1998 Leaf Rookies RC 270
    Manning Peyton 1998 UD Choice RC 256
    Manning Peyton 1998 Upper Deck CT2 Constant Threat Insert 0123/1000
    Manning Peyton 1998 Crown Royal RC 54
    Manning Peyton 1998 Bowmans Best RC 112
    Manning Peyton 1998 Bowman BCP-1 (ref)
    Manning Peyton 1998 Bowman Chrome RC 1
    Martin Curtis 1995 Topps Finest RC 264
    Marvin Harrison 2003 Donruss Elite BF-3 Back to the Future Insert 0727/1000
    Mathis Rashean 2003 Sage A27 14/200
    McDougle Jerome 2003 Sage A28(x2) 223/930 and 397/650
    McNair Steve 1995 UD Collectors RC U20
    Metcalf Eric 1989 Topps Traded RC 50T
    Moss Randy 1998 Score RC 235
    Moss Randy 1998 Fleer RC 237
    Moss Randy 1999 Fleer Ultra 7 of 15 CP Counter Parts Insert with Randall Cunningham
    Owens Terrell 1997 Zenith RC 112
    Owens Terrell 2003 Donruss Elite PB-8 Pro Bowl Standouts Insert 1491/2002
    Owens Terrell 1996 UD SP Rookie 7
    Owens Terrell 1996 Bowmans Best RC 147
    Palmer Carson 2003 Fleer Tradition RC 271
    Plummer Jake 1998 Topps Chrome RC 162
    Plummer Jake 1998 Sykbox RC 238
    Plummer Jake 1998 Flair Showcase RC 16
    Plummer Jake 1998 Pinnacle Inside RC 124 "Came in a Can"
    Plummer Jake 1998 EX 2000 RC 1
    Plummer Jake 1998 Topps Gallery RC 23
    Plummer Jake 1998 Donruss RC 217
    Plummer Jake 1998 Topps Finest RC 234
    Ragone Dave 2003 Donruss Elite CT-4 College Ties Insert with Deion Branch 0095/2000
    Rison Andre 1989 Topps Traded RC 102T
    Rogers Charles 2003 Fleer Tradition RC 276
    Sanders Barry 1989 Score RC 257
    Sanders Barry 1989 Topps Traded RC 83T Graded BGGS Gem Mint 10
    Sanders Barry 1997 Pinnacle V11 V2 Insert
    Sanders Deion 2003 Donruss Elite PT-8 Passing the Tourch Insert 0352/1000
    Sanders Barry 1989 Proset RC 494
    Sapp Warren 2001 SP Game Used WS Jersey, Red, Tampa
    Seau Junior 2001 SP Game Used JS Jersey, White, Chargers
    Smith Robert 1993 UD SP Foil RC 8
    Stabler Ken 2003 Fleer Throwback 4 of 10
    Stallworth Donte 2003 Fleer 234 140/200
    Stevens Jerramy 2002 UD SP 170
    Stewart James 2003 Donruss Elite 70 Aspirations Parallel, 32/66
    Suggs Terrell 2003 Fleer Tradition "rookie Sensations" 16 of 20 # ed
    Taylor Fred 1998 UD Choice RC 263
    Taylor Fred 1998 Ultra SP RC 214
    Trufant Marcus 2003 Sage A40 198/650
    Urlacher Brian 2003 Donruss Elite PB-10 Pro Bowl Standouts insert 1881/2002
    Urlacher Brian 2003 Fleer 25 of 30 CC With Jack Ham 209/375
    Warner Kurt 2001 SP Game Used KW Jersey, White, Rams
    Washington,Kelly 2003 Topps Chrome RC (ref)134
    Wayne Reggie 2001 Fleer Tradition RC 406 Numbered 0875/2001
    Williams Kevin 2003 Donruss Elite RC 174 386/500
    Williams Ricky 1998 Collectors RC 167 Rookie Card "Gold Ingot" parallel
    Williams Rickey 1999 Ultra RC 261
    Williams Ricky 2003 Fleer Traditons CCD-BG/RW Dual Game Jersey with Bob Griese, Aqua and White #ed to 100
    Wrighster George 2003 Sage A45 279/450

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    Jul 2003
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    See n/a's Items on eBay


    What do you want of mine for the 98 leaf rookies and stars peyton manning RC. e-mail me at clayton160@yahoo.com


    Darnell McDonald rookie AUTO-99 Press Pass-BV $15
    Tee Martin Rookie AUTO-2000 SP Authentic(sign of the times #TM)BV$20
    Chris Weinke(2 cards) Auto/RC-2001 Pacific #460(0988/1000)(#0009/1000) BV $20 EA
    Tim Couch Auto-2000 U.D. MVP Prosign #TC-BV $40
    Donte Stallworth Rookie Auto-2002 Press Pass –BV $25
    Byron Leftwich Auto-2003 Press Pass(Powerpick Auto) BV $80(incoming)


    Tom Brady RC-2000 SP Authentic #118 (#81/1250) BV $150
    Tom Brady-2003 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Glass Plaque #ed/150-BV $60
    Drew Brees RC-2001 Donruss Elite #PC-8(Primary Colors Die-Cut Red #21/25) BV $80
    Drew Brees-2001 SP Authentic(Stat Jersey #248/349) BV $30
    Brett Favre-2000 Pacific(Game Worn Jerseys 2 color green/yellow) BV$60 want $75
    Brett Favre/Mark Brunell-2002 Upper Deck Honor Roll(Offensive threats #OTBF jerseys) BV $40
    Brett Favre-2001 Pacific #162(Hobby LTD #31/99) BV $40
    Brett Favre-2000 Aurora(Game Worn Jersey) BV $50
    Brett Favre-2001 Donruss Classics(Hashmarks GU Astroturf #HM10) BV $25
    John Elway-2001 Donruss Classics(Hashmarks-GU Astroturf #HM7) BV $30
    Anthony Thomas RC-2001 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia #159(RPM #200/850)GU Ball –Bv $40
    Peyton Manning-2001 U.D. Graded( BLUE jersey #57/125) BV $60
    Peyton Manning-2001 Playoff Honors(gameday jersey #GC29) BV $30
    Peyton Manning RC-98 Upper Deck #1-BV $30
    Peyton Manning-99 SP Authentic(Authentic Excitement #36AE)(#208/250)BV$36
    Peyton Manning-99 Playoff Prestige SSD #B152(Spectrum blue #230/500)BV$24
    Peyton Manning-2002 Topps Chrome #128(refractor #067/599)BV$20
    Willis McGahee RC-2003 Fleer Authentix #105(0814/1250) BV $20
    Joey Harringtton RC-2002 Fleer Showcase #137(Avant Card # 285/500) BV $50
    Joey Harrington-Jersey-2002 U.D. Sweetspot(Rookie Gallery #RGJH-#250/350)BV $40
    Jesse Palmer RC-2001 Leaf Rookies+ Stars #204(longevity #10/25) BV $40
    Willis McGahee RC-2003 Fleer Authemtix #0814/1250) Bv $20
    David Carr RC-2002 Topps Debut #156(1085/1499) BV $50
    Derek Jeter-2003 Donruss Classics(Derek Jeter Tributes #15/100) Bv $30
    Chad Pennington RC-2000 Collectors Edge Masters # 237-BV $25
    Chad Pennington RC-2000 Donruss Elite #136(#781/2000) BV $20
    Chad Pennington RC-2000 Finest #139(#2127/2400)- BV $40
    Travis Henry-2001-fleer(Rookie Retro Threads #15—Ball) BV $20
    Marshall Faulk/Issac Bruce_2002 Fleer hot Prospects(class of 94 #MF-IB)(#248/375)BV$40
    Marshall faulk-99 Flair(Feel the Game Jersey(Blue) Bv $40
    Marshall Faulk2001 Upper Deck(Memorable Materials #MM-MF)BV$30
    Marshall Faulk-2001 Upper Deck Graded(Graded Jerseys #MF)BV$25
    Trent Green-2001 Pacific(Game Gear #12 white jersey) BV $25
    Kurt Warner RC-99 Leaf Rookies + Stars #288 BV $30
    Kurt Warner-99 Fleer Focus(Feel the Game Jersey #10FG) BV $60
    Kurt Warner-2001-Playoff Prefferred(Prefferred Materials #250(#125/250)BV$40
    Kurt Warner-2000 U.D. Legends(Legendary Jerseys #LJKW) BV $40
    Kurt Warner-2002 Topps(Super Bowl Goal Posts #SBG2) BV $40
    Kurt Warner-2002 Fleer Premium(All Pro Team Jerseys)BV$20
    Kurt warner
    Donovan Mcnabb-99 upper deck(highlight zone #Z17)Bv$30
    Clinton Portis-2002 Upper Deck honor Roll #107(1307/1375) BV $20
    Chad Johnson/Rudi Johnson-2001 Fleer(rookie Retro Jerseys #51)Bv$25
    Chad Johnson2001-Feer Hot Prospects(rookie premiere post mark jersey)(# 1146/1875) BV$25
    Ken Stabler-97 upper deck legends(big game hunters #B6) BV$20
    Chad Hutchinson RC-2002 SP Legendary Cuts #126(#290/500) BV $20
    Thomas Jones RC -2000 Revolution #101-(#196/300) BV$20(ONLY 300 MADE)Bv$20

    Misc GU +/RC + inserts under $20
    Andre Davis RC-2002 Fleer Showcase #158(#1148/1500) BV $12
    Taylor Jacobs RC-2003 Fleer Showcase #104(Avant Card #649/650) BV $12
    Kordell Stewart-2001 Fleer Focus(Property of-Jersey-White)BV $15
    Brett Favre-2003 Fleer Authentix(Ticket Studs ) BV $10
    Zach Thomas-1997 Donruss #94(Gold Die-Cut Press Proof #1/500) BV $10
    Travis Prentice-2001 Fleer Gametime(Uniformity Jersy #TP) Bv $12
    Andre Davis Rc-2002 SP Legendary Cuts #121(#259/500) BV $12
    Antwaan Randle El-2002 Fleer Focus( Materialistic Jumbo) BV $12 His Pic is on Fabric.
    Peyton Manning-99 Leaf rookies+Stars(Statistical Standouts #SS-15-#0669/1250) Bv $12
    Brian Griese RC-98 Upper Deck #28 BV $15
    Peyton Manning-98 Upper Deck(Constant Threat #CT2) BV $10
    Herman Moore-2001 Pacific #151(Hobby LTD #87/99) BV $12
    Shaun King RC-99 Playoff Contenders SSD #178(#1367/1825) BV $15
    Dan Marino-98 upper deck(define the game die-cut silver #1418/1500) BV $15
    Rudi Johnson-2001 Leaf Rookies + Stars(Freshman Orientation jersey #FO-15) $12
    Chris Weinke-2001 Leaf Rookies + Stars(Freshman Orientation-jersey #FO-4) BV $15
    Bruce Nelson-2003 Topps All American- Fabric #FA-BN BV $10
    Kevin Dyson-99 Leaf Certified #95(mirror Red) BV$10
    Fred Taylor-2002 Topps Gallery Jersey(original relic#GOFT)Bv$12
    Josh Mccown RC-2002 Upper Deck Piece of History #140(1602/2002)BV$12
    Josh McCown-2002 Upper Deck Authentics(glory Bound Jersey #GBJJM)BV$10
    David Carr RC-2002 Upper Deck XL #502-BV$12
    David Carr RC-2002 Playoff Prestige #151-BV $15
    Dennis Northcutt 2000 EX #115(1368/1500) BV$10
    Ike Hilliard-97 Topps Chrome #R161(refractor)BV$15
    Edgerrin James RC-99 Skybox Pemium #222 BV $15
    Fred Taylor-98 upper deck #8 BV$10
    David Boston-2002 U.D. Authentics(All-Star Authentics Jersey #AA-BO) BV $10
    Anthony Thomas RC-2001 upper deck #187 BV$12
    Thomas Jones RC-2000 EX #133(1025/1500)Bv$12
    Tom Brady-2002 fleer Platinum(inside the playbook #19)Bv$12

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    Jun 2003
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    Hey what would you take for your warren sapp jersey

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    Jun 2003
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    See hairstonfan's Items on eBay

    will you trade any of your gu's for my 2001 Private Stock Dameyune Craig jersey?

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    Jun 2003
    See scrwball's Items on eBay

    My son is interested in two cards the:
    Jaworski Ron 2000 Upper Deck RJ Auto
    and the R Williams/Griese jersey card.
    Check our site and LMK. Thanks Ray

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    Jul 2003
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    Sorry for the delay, I will PM all of you today.

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    Jul 2003
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    Sorry Hairston, I am not interested in that card.

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