Toews is right up there with Shane Doan, for me, among the most overrated players of the last 25 years. I'm not in anyway saying he's a "bad player" (he's not) but I laughed when I saw him in the "top 100 of all time" list. I don't believe he's in the "top 100 of 2018", and is borderline "top 100 of the last 10 years". He was the 4th best player on every Cup team he played on.

I thought the myth of "magic sauce from one player will transform a mediocre team into bonafide contenders" had been dispelled back in 1998.

His contract was based totally on "what have you done for me?" rather than "what will you do for me?". While I don't think he was ever the kind of player that should be getting 10 figures... I suppose someone would have paid him that... so the Hawks had a choice: Let him walk, or pay him 10.5. Would have looked awful if they'd chosen to let him walk.

While true, we know there is potential to put up points with McDavid, Eichel and Tavares. In today's game it is about speed and scoring. These players are younger and faster(except maybe Tavares but he has put up 75+ points per season the what last 4) while also having potential to put up more points than 60 or 70. Intangibles can only get you so far on the pay role imo.

I'm not saying Toews is a bad player at all. He is one of the best on defense and 'intangibles' but at 10.5 million? I think that is over payment for his age and what he does. The chance for him to even do worse than 60 points per year is also there as he ages. I love Toews as much as the next guy for what he's done for Team Canada at international level but I would never pay him at a 10.5 million per season cap hit. thats almost 7% of a teams cap hit for maybe 60 points. It just doesn't make sense to me personally. but alas I am also not a NHL GM.