hey everyone -

So I was able to get up Expo on Friday and Saturday - grateful to Ryan from Sportscardcollective for allowing me a spot to hang out with @fetter29, @Stephler4, @TorontoCardCol. Thank you for hosting me! It was also good to see some old and new friends in the hobby, there are too many of you to list out! I am hoping that Steph is going to share the story about how Upper Deck made his son's Expo extraordinary!

I had a couple of good conversions with members (and non-members) about the hobby, how to make things better, etc. I'm going to highlight a couple of them here as I would like to get feedback on these.

1) On my way out, I made a pit-stop to a vendor that @Iheartjacquie had spoke with about SCF. The biggest take away that I had from that discussion is that he'd love to engage his community more in Winnipeg to get more people either his store and/or further engage members about local events. Something that I did show him was the Card Show Calendar and mentioned that it can be used for Hobby Events. I have posted about Dave and Adam's events locally in the Buffalo/Niagara Region, I know @Mike's Stadium SC in the Denver area has posted events at his store and you all can do this as well.

We also talked about a shop locator, which he have a thread that @doniceage has been maintaining, but it really needs to have a bit more with it IMO. My overall point is that if you know about something that is happening in your area, please put it into the Card Show Calendar; if we need to rename this, I'm good with that. My question though is what else can be done as a community to promote local activities?

2) A couple of members mentioned frustration with image loading on SCF. If you missed this point from last month, I really urge you to read this point and then try it out


As a test, I did use this on a test post from my phone (in full screen mode via browser, not the SCF App) to load multiple images from my phone and it worked like a champ. I'll work on a tutorial this week for this from my iPhone (android - full site via browser should work the same).

I'll have a Show and Tell Thread tomorrow in the Hockey Card area as most of what I picked up with Hockey (did add 1 Indian auto for the PC )

Thanks for reading