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    The Athletic: Defensive players vote on quarterbacks

    Over the past six weeks of the NFL season, The Athletic’s NFL beat writers polled defensive players to get answers to our most pressing quarterback questions. We received responses from 85 defensive players across 25 teams. The players have been granted anonymity to allow for candid responses.

    The survey was revealing. It showed the league’s defensive players still have plenty of respect for the old guard — Patriots quarterback Tom Brady in particular — but the young quarterbacks have the league buzzing as well. Patrick Mahomes could win the NFL’s MVP award when it is announced on the eve of the Super Bowl, and after reviewing this survey, we doubt many defensive players would disagree.


    Sadly the article is stuck behind a paywall but some sources have quoted parts of the article. For example:

    1. Which quarterback would you least like to face in a big game?
    Top answer: Tom Brady 52%
    Runner up: Aaron Rodgers 32%

    Also receiving multiple votes: Drew Brees, Patrick Mahomes

    Total votes, not including “no comments”: 81

    3. Who is the most underrated NFL quarterback?
    Top answer: Cam Newton 14%
    Runners up: Philip Rivers 11%, Alex Smith 8%

    4. Who is the most overrated quarterback?
    Top answer: Kirk Cousins 13%
    Runner up: Eli Manning 10%

    Frank Pastor of the Tampa Bay Times was, uncharitable, with the results for the starting QB of the Buccaneers. Other pieces I think are taken out of context of the survey. I'll break down my thoughts on some of the items that are on point and some that are clearly gas-lighting. Keep in mind they randomly surveyed 85 NFL defensive players. This means about 3 defenders per team. Assuming all defenders were regular starters, it would constitute about 24% of all starters, though certainly plenty of role players see enough game action which would push the number down to about 20% if figuring 14 defenders see regular play time during the season.


    * Winston was among 11 players who received multiple votes in the category of most overrated quarterback. The Vikings' Kirk Cousins finished first, followed by the Giants' Eli Manning.

    This means Winston could have finished as high as 3rd and as low as 11th. If he were third the blogger would have mentioned it. I can easily see two Bengals players voting for him as overrated based on his week 8 game where he threw 4 picks. Without knowing how the voting went, this doesn't say much.

    * All but four players (95 percent) said former 49ers quarterback Colin Kapernick — who has gone unsigned since his decision to kneel during the national anthem to protest social injustice and racial inequality— deserves to be on an NFL roster.


    * In response to which quarterback Kaepernick should replace, Winston was among seven who received multiple votes. Blake Bortles of the Jaguars was first, followed by the Raiders' Nathan Peterman.

    Same as the first statement. He could have gotten exactly 2 votes for replacement.... out of 85 possible votes. Heck, Bortles could have garnered 70 votes all on his own.

    * The Bucs' No. 2 quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick (15 percent), joined Teddy Bridgewater (17 percent) of the Saints as runners-up in response to the question of which backup should be a starter. Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles of the Eagles was the top choice.

    The question is which backup should be a starter, not which QB should they be replacing. 100% of people could think that Fitz, Bridgewater, and Foles should replace Bortles.

    * Winston was tied with Ben Roethlisberger (with 11 percent) of the Steelers as runners-up for quarterback you would least want as your teammate in the locker room. The Panthers' Cam Newton received the most votes.

    Yeah, okay, if I had a dude who said let's "eat a W" then put a sweaty hand in his mouth, I get it.


    Roethlisberger should be WAY higher though.

    "It is notable that Winston wound up on this list months after he served a three-game suspension for violating the league's personal conduct policy and while he's rotated in and out of the lineup," The Athletic writes.

    Why is it notable? A statement followed up two facts that aren't tied back to the statement does not construe a thesis.

    * Winston was among seven players who received multiple votes for the quarterback they would most like to face in a big game. Tom Brady was the top answer and Aaron Rodgers was among the runners-up, so players seemingly took the question to mean two different things.


    "Some went the route of wanting to play the greats," The Athletic writes, "and others preferred to face the … not-so-greats."

    I could twist the meaning to be defensive players want to face old man Brady because they want to get a sack on him before he heads out. Or they want to play Winston because they want to absolutely challenge themselves. See, I can make things mean stuff too!

    *Note, I am not a fan or hater of Jameis Winston. I am a fan of facts not taken out of context.

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    ^ Great post ... I roasted Frank on Twitter and I doubt he will engage with me, not after I completely humiliated his colleague and the resident "stats expert" at the Tampa Bay Times, Thomas Bassinger, who after being schooled by me in a stats debate, lost his cool completely, started trying to attack me personally, tried to Dox me, etc., ... another Tampa Bay Times reporter (Greg Auman) even contacted me through private message asking me to take it easy on Bassinger as I was giving their paper a bad name ... yeah, well, when a paper employs overtly biased hacks who write "hit pieces", they deserve to have a bad name.

    Regardless, polls like this don't mean much ... Cam Newton was the player receiving the most votes for the QB other players would NOT want to play with, yet also was considered the most under-rated QB ... meaningless ...

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    We champions ... through everything that we went through, through all the haters ... we came out victorious. And God did this. I’m so blessed.
    – Jameis Winston, after winning BCS National Championship game

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