My wife is on the Marie Condo kick and I am purging so here are some lots I am selling...let me know if anything interests you.

1200 base cards that are all retired/HOF cards. Nearly all of these are newer issue sets(last 10-15 years) Howe, Orr, Hull, Goulet, Clarke, Richard, etc...great lot for .25 and .50 cent boxes if you’re a dealer...75.00 delivered in priority box. That .06 cents a card.

1200 base cards all goalies...mainly 10-20 doubles of any singles...every goalie you’d want and plenty of them Price, Brodeur, Hasek, CUJO, Quick, Crawford, Lundqvist, Bishop, Roy, Gibson, Rask, Belfour, etc. and so much more...60.00 delivered in priority box

1200 inserts/parallels...lower end stuff...5.00 and under...mostly from the last 10-12 years...but great for .25 and .50 boxes...75.00 delivered in priority box...I’ll even try to help out with who your favorite teams are if I can.

1200 base cards of only star cards...last 10-20 doubles of any singles but loads of names...Crosby, Ovy, Toews, Kane, Modano, Hull, Thornton, LeCavalier, Gaborik, Malkin, Stamkos and about 40 other names you’d know. 55.00 delivered in a priority box...great for .25 and .50 boxes...set builders etc.

First one of these to sell I will add 5X 88-89 OPC Steve Yzermans to the deal.