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    The Panini America Quality Control Gallery: 2018 Select Football (130 Must-See Images)

    There’s an undeniable swagger about Panini America’s Select Football franchise that commands attention from collectors. From the vivid colors to the preponderance of striking autograph and memorabilia combinations to the exotic Zebra parallels to the XRCs to the eclectic autograph checklist to so much more, there’s just a lot to admire about the way Select Football conducts itself every year. And trust us when we tell you, 2018 Select Football is no different.


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    Actions are backed up by words, I wish more of us backed them up!!!
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    There’s an undeniable swagger


    about Panini America’s Select Football franchise

    (C) Pinnacle Brands, Inc 1993-1998
    (C) Score 2001
    (C) Donruss Playoff L.P 2006-2008

    Panini America would be the fourth company to own the franchise.

    that commands attention from collectors

    I certainly paid attention to the shorted hits in a case break today. That's a bad command of collation right there.

    Just once I'd like to see a manufacturer brag about releasing bland colors.

    Preponderance, noun
    1. The fact or quality of being preponderant; superiority in weight, power numbers, etc.

    Pretty bold claim, let's see how this plays out:

    of striking autograph and memorabilia combinations

    What a BOLD signature and such a STRIKING memorabilia piece!

    My mind is completely blown!

    STUNNING sig and patch! A black AND white patch?!

    Attachment 169522

    Why yes, you CAN get Panini Points in Select! I'm so glad you asked!!!

    to the exotic Zebra parallels

    They are very exotic, because Zebras are from Africa you see. Sadly the case break I was on was shorted this fine specimen. All well, better luck next case.

    Curious to know what Panini thinks an XRC is? They say it's an Extended Rookie Card that by law, delivers tomorrow's top rookies today. This means whoever gets drafted in 2019 will have "2018" cards..... that were released in February of 2019. Look the timeline is about as confusing as the Terminator franchise's timeline but rest assured everything is well in hand.

    to the eclectic autograph checklist

    Credit where credit is due. I saw Jim Zorn, Bill Romanowski on the Raiders (?), Larry Johnson, and two Christian Okoye autographs pulled tonight. The old AFC West cleaned up!

    Actually, there is no more. Everything about this product got covered in the preceding sentence.

    there’s just a lot to admire

    The most admired product of 2018. It was so admired that 2018 couldn't even contain it so they had to release it in 2019. No other product has more admirers than Select. Twitter had to buy another server farm in iceland to handle all the admiring tweets from admirers across the globe.

    the way Select Football conducts itself every year

    Conduct that is beyond reproach. If Select were a person, it would have earned the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the Nobel Peace Prize, an Emmy, a Fellowship at Cambridge AND Oxford, Walter Payton Man of the Year, and brokered peace in the Middle East. Conduct you want your children to emulate.

    We don't.

    Is that the "Royal We" or are you starting one of those annoying internet listicles (that's an article in list form) like "When we tell you this 1 simple trick to losing belly fat"

    2018 Select Football is no different.

    No different from any other year of Select? Well this whole paragraph is a round about way of saying that Panini is releasing the same rehashed ideas again and again.

    Set to arrive in hobby shops across North America on Wednesday, each hobby box of 2018 Select Football (five cards per pack, 12 packs per box, 12 boxes per case) will deliver two autographs (including one Jersey Autograph), one memorabilia card, 14 Prizms (at least five numbered), 30 Concourse base cards, 10 Premier Level base cards and two Field Level base cards. In addition Select’s popular XRC Redemption Cards return at a rate of roughly three per case and the aforementioned Zebra parallels fall just once per case.

    I really wish these blog posts were just this, maybe a couple bullet points on what changed this year, then let the product do the talking. The hype machine never ends. But wait, there's more to this blog post in case you were worried it ended on a sane note.

    Panini America Brand Manager Wes Elliott

    Undoubtedly a member of the bourgeoisie to help educate the ignorant proletariat.

    helped oversee the packout process for 2018 Select Football

    That's a interesting way of saying seeding great boxes to early reviewers to feed the hype machine.

    nice enough to photograph a little bit of everything he saw

    How kind of the BRAND manager to do HIS JOB. Praise be Panini!

    for the express purpose of the following Quality Control Gallery.

    If there's a $10 way of saying a $2 idea, by golly Tracy will find it!

    stay tuned to The Knight’s Lance for additional coverage.

    Usually this is an idle threat but not ONE DAY later did Tracy post another blog entry extolling the virtues of Select.

    Collectors battling the winter doldrums can take solace in this undeniable fact: A hobby heat wave is coming. And it’s coming tomorrow. That’s when Panini America’s 2018 Select Football and 2018-19 Impeccable Basketball arrive in hobby shops across North America. Both products promise to inject a fair amount of warmth into this frigid February with a bevy of collection-making cornerstones. You saw many of those in yesterday’s Quality Control Gallery previews featuring both products. Today, we enter into box-busting Teaser Gallery mode.

    There's..... there's so much to unpack here. Ugghhhh, okay, here we go.

    Collectors battling the winter doldrums

    Yes, because I define winter doldrums as clearing over 40" of snow to date with more on the way. I hope I can redeem some Panini Points for gas to put in my snow blower.

    can take solace in this undeniable fact:

    Solace, Noun. Comfort in sorrow, misfortune, or trouble; alleviation of distress or discomfort.
    Undeniable, Adjective. incapable of being denied or disputed; not open to refusal; unquestioned as to quality, merit, etc.

    LIAR! Hobby heat waves won't comfort me in times of sorrow as I clear 10" of snow from my driveway and sidewalk. YOU SAID YESTERDAY TO TRUST YOU!

    I feel no relief from this unquestioned alleviation of my distress from the winter doldrums.

    That’s when Panini America’s 2018 Select Football and 2018-19 Impeccable Basketball arrive in hobby shops across North America

    Again you speak of a basketball product in the same breath as football. Did you know that Select will run you about $200 a box and Impeccable will run $600 a box? It's like the world's worst Venn diagram where the circles are on two different continents and not talking to each other after a nasty spate at Christmas dinner.

    Both products promise to inject a fair amount of warmth

    Sorry, I only buy products that inject the MOST warmth into my winter doldrums.

    Farcical phrases frankly fenced from feckless fraud.

    with a bevy of collection-making cornerstones

    Bevy, noun. A large group or collection.

    Or, "With a large collection of collection-making cornerstones."

    Also, he's used bevy AT LEAST 160 times in blog posts! Assorted has been used twice! Bunch clocks in at 22. Knowing good Scrabble words doesn't always make for great blog posts.

    I need relief from the madness, it's undeniable that the conduct I see from these blog posts will result in a fair amount of warmth as I burn my keyboard in a fire pit.

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