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    Oct 2006
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    Rookie cards for trade from 87--2015

    needs are below in my sig,

    87 topps bo jackson 170-future star
    89 topps robin ventura 764-#1 pick
    GARY SHEFFIELD RCS=89bowman 142, 89 score 625
    SAMMY SOSA RC=90 UD 17
    MANNY RAMIREZ RCS==91 classic 10, 92 o-pee-chee 156, 92 ud 63x2, 92 donruss 98
    91 donruss the rookies jeff bagwell 30
    MIKE PIAZZA RCS=93 topps 701,93 donruss 209,93 ud 2, 93 score 347
    ALEX RODRIGUEZ RCS=94 ud 24, 647, 94 donruss rated rookie 114, 93 classic 143, 93 classic sudden impact si-4, 94 ultra 9
    95 topps stad club nomar garciaparra
    99 stad club adrian beltre 162
    00 topps sc adam wainwright 158
    ROY OSWALT RC'S=00 bowman 395, x2, 00 bowman retro 395
    JOSH BECKETT RCS======00 fleer impact 165x3
    GRADY SIZEMORE RCS==01 topps 750, 00 stadium club chrome 16
    DAVID WRIGHT RCS==02 just the franchise jtf-6 graded 9.5

    02 topps adam laroche 294-fy [braves]
    02 ud future gems rich hill 45-rc cubs
    02 bowman rich hill bdp98-rc cubs,
    03 donruss champions dan haren 307-red
    NICK MARKAKIS RCS=03 ud 84 x3
    HANLEY RAMIREZ RCS==03 bowman 285, 03 topps gold t181, reg t181x2, topps 205-131
    brian mccann rc's= 03 bowman 260x3,03 toppscrome&reg t209x2, 03 total 986, 03 heritage rainbow
    JAY BRUCE RCS==05topps uh325, 05 bowman gold bdp32x2, & chrome ,05 bow heritage 343-sp
    RYAN BRAUN RCS=05 topps uh313x3
    ANDREW MCCUTCHEN RCS- 05 bowman goldbdp63
    JUSTIN VERLANDER RCS=05 ud pro sigs105x2, 05 bowman bdp129,174, 05 zenith 213
    05 bowman CHROME-kyle davies bdp2x2, mike morse bdp16, kelly johnson bdp18x2
    05 bowman GOLD= kyle davies bdp2, bdp5, wilson betemit bdp14x2, kelly johnson bdp18,francoeur bdp158
    05 bowman draft picks=davies bdp2, francoeur bdp158
    05 bowman heritage russ martin 259-rc dodgers
    06 bowman heritage martin prado 226 of 300,& topps chrome 300
    06 topps 52 style rcs=willy aybar 52
    ricky nolasco/scott olsen/josh johnson/anibel sanchez dd15
    EVAN LONGORIA RCS==06 bowman heritage bhp76, 07 bowman bdpp99
    06 bowman chrome mike napoli bdp3-angels-gold x3
    06 bowman futures= yunel escobar fg34x2, & gold fg34
    07 topps 52 style=joakim soria 98-kc,howie kendrick dd9
    07 topps hunter pence-uh160
    TIM LINCECUM RCS=06tristar pro debut-8, 07 masterpieces 82, 07 elements 243 #/550, 07 tur-red 88
    JUSTIN UPTON RCS==07 bowman bdpp110 goldx2, chrome bdp3, 07 topps uh327
    DAVID PRICE RCS=07 bowman bdpp55-fy-gold& white,chrome, 07 tristar 1x2
    07 bowman jason heywardrcs= bdpp54-gold,white, chromex3,-7 tristar 11x2
    07 bowman elvis andrus bdpp86 chrome & refractor,
    hunter pence bdp25 green,brandon crawford bdpp41-giants
    08 bowman chrome gorkys hernandez bdpp99,chrome wellington castillo bdpp82-cub,chrome pablo sandoval bdpp84 giants
    chrome charlie morton bdp51-braves
    08 ud x ian kennedy 66
    08 ud timeline chrome clay bucholz red sox
    08 ud timeline retro joey votto 237, ian kennedy 279-yanks
    08 donruss EEE JENNIE FINCH
    08 ud razor-exclusive ends in ex, eric hosmer 3ex,yonder alonso 7-ex,aaron hicks 14-ex,cutter dykstra 33-ex-x2
    andrew cashner 19,charlie blackmon 59
    2010 donruss EEE aaron sanchez 13, matt moore 15,tyler holt 98
    2012 topps michael taylor 36, addison reed 183

    2012 ELITE EXTRA EDITION========================================
    STATUS DIE CUT GREEN-148 #/25 peirce Johnson-1st rnd cubs
    ASPIRATIONS DIE CUT-19 #/200 cory jones-o's-free agent, 188 #/200 joe rogers-braves
    ELITE SERIES CHROME 19 KYLE ZIMMER-1st rnd-2nd overall pick-royals
    YEARBOOK-11 albert almora-1st rnd-6th overall pick-cubs
    DIAMOND KINGS-dk-14-chris Stratton-1st rnd-15th overall-giants
    1-addison russel-cubs-rnd 1
    2-albert almora-cubs-rnd 1
    4-michael wacha-cardinals-rnd 1
    5-marcus stroman-jays-rnd 1
    6-pat light-mariner-rnd 1
    8-mitch gueller-phillies-rnd 1
    9-max white-rockies-rnd 2
    10-carson Kelly-cardinals-rnd 2
    12-chris Stratton-giants rnd 1
    13-tyrone taylor-brewers-rnd 2
    14-brian Johnson-red sox-rnd 1
    15-luke bard-twins-1st rnd
    17-jesmuel valentin-phillies-rnd 1
    18-patrick wisdom-cardinals-rnd 1
    19-eddie butler-cubs- rnd 1
    20-dane phillips-padres-rnd 2
    22-noan Fontana-angels-rnd 2
    88-jose.o.berrios-twins-1st rnd

    2013 ELITE EXTRA EDITION=======================================
    SCOUTING 101-#4-eric jagielo-17th overall pick, #7-billy McKinney-27th overall pick-Yankees
    ELITE SERIES-#13-miguel sano-twins, #19-hunter Harvey-24th overall pick-o's, #maikel franco-phillies
    1-colin moran-7th overall pick-astros
    4-braden Shipley-8th overall pick-d'backs
    5-chris Anderson-26th overall pick-twins
    8-phillip Ervin-21st overall pick-reds
    9-ryne stanek-11th overall pick-rays
    10-sean manaea-10th overall pick-a's
    11-josh hart-37th overall pick o's
    13-andrew Thurman-rnd 2-dodgers
    17-justin Williams-2nd rnd-rays
    18-blake taylor-2nd rnd-mets
    19-chance sisco-rnd 2-o's
    20-tyler Danish-rnd 2-white sox
    89-roberto osuna-#5 prospect in jays org.

    2014 ELITE EXTRA EDITION========================================
    STATUS DIE-CUT- 18-derek Campbell-blue #/100-philly-watch, 97-daniel gossett-purple #/150-a's-watch-MLB
    23-gareth morgan #/200-seattle-watch, 94-trey supak #/200-piirates-watch

    ELITE SERIES-12-luis Ortiz-milw-watch-rnd 1, 14-michael gettys-blue-padres-good prospect rnd 2
    ELITE EXPECTATIONS-4-tyler kolek-rnd 1-miami, 6-alex Jackson-braves-watch-rnd 1

    2-jhoandro Alfaro-chicago
    4-joey pancake-Detroit
    5-forrest wall-Colorado
    6-dermis Garcia-new York--sleeper
    7-james norwood-chicago
    8-luke dykstra-atlanta
    9-brandon downes-k.c.
    10-chase vallot-k.c.
    11-logan moon-k.c.
    12-mark payton-new York
    13-jonathan holder-new york
    14-reed reilly-boston
    15-deivi grullon-phillies
    16-ryan o'hearn-k.c.
    17-jordan brink-Chicago
    19-cole Lankford-st. louis
    20-javi salas-milwaukee
    22-john curtiss-twins
    23-gareth morgan-seattle-2nd rnd
    24-casey soltis-miami
    25-zach Thompson-Chicago
    26-jake reed-twins
    27-dan altavilla-seattle
    29-josh prevost-new York
    30-jake jewell-los angeles
    31-corey ray-k.c.
    32-drew van orden-washington
    36-lane Ratliff-seattle
    39-jake peter-Chicago
    40-kevin mcavoy-boston
    43-grant hockin-cleveland
    44-brett graves-a's
    45-greg mahle-los angeles
    46-chris ellis-los angeles-2nd rnd
    47-jeff brigham-los angeles
    48-greg allen-cleveland
    49-a.j.vanegas-los angeles
    52-danny diekroeger-st. louis
    53-sam coonrod-giants
    54-mac james-rays
    55-brian Anderson-Miami
    56-jace fry-Chicago-3rd rnd
    57-mark zagunis-chicago
    58-cy sneed-milwaukee
    61-eric skoglund-k.c
    62-brock burke-rays.
    63-grayson greiner-detroit
    64-jordan luplow-pirates
    66-jake yacinich-los angeles
    69-brian schales-miami
    70-dustin Demuth-brewers
    71-sam clay-twins
    72-dillon peters-Miami
    73-skyler ewing-san francisco
    74-gilbert lara-milwaukee
    76-dalton pompey-jays
    77-zech lemond-padres
    78-troy stokes-brewers
    79-zac Curtis-arizona
    82-spencer moran-rays
    83-jared robinson-cleveland
    84-austin coley-pirates
    85-cody reed-Arizona-2nd rnd
    86-jose Trevino-texasx2
    87-j.p. feyereisen-cleveland
    88-j.b. kole-milwaukee
    89-max murphy-twins
    90-kevin steen-boston
    91-keaton steele-twins
    92-max George-colorado
    93-andy ferguson-k.c.
    94-dean kiekhefer-st. louis
    95-carson sands-chicago
    96-justin shafer-toronto
    97-jorge solar-Chicago-cubs outfielder
    98-nelson Gomez-new York
    99-adrian rondon-rays x2--sleeper
    100-mike strentz-los angeles-sleeper

    2015 ELITE EXTRA EDITION=========================================== ==========

    ASPIRATIONS DIE CUT=172-jharel cotton-a's
    HYPE=============6-LUCIUS FOX-rays
    prospect status-10-willy adames-rays
    12-tyler Stephenson-11th overall-reds
    13-josh nayloor-12th overall-padres
    21-richie martin-20th overall-a's
    22-ashe russell-21st overall-kc
    29-mike soroka-28th overall-braves
    30-jon harris-29th overall-jays
    36-lucius fox-free agent-rays
    37-ryan mountcastle-36th overall-o's
    42-austin riley-41st overall-braves
    43-triston McKenzie-42nd overall-Indians
    47-thomas eshelman-rnd 2-phillies
    48-donnie dewees-rnd 2-kc
    51-brett lilek-rnd 2-marlins
    52-austin smith-rnd 2-padres
    84-lucas Williams-rnd 3-astros
    92-justin maese-rnd 3-jays
    105-grayson long-rnd 3-tigers
    106-jordan hicks-rnd 3-cardinals
    107-breckin Williams-rnd 4-d'backs
    115-kyle martin-rnd 4-phillies
    116-miles Gordon-rnd 4-reds
    117-cody poteet-rnd 4-marlins
    125-tyler Krieger-rnd 4-indians
    132-brian Gonzalez-rnd 3-o's
    133-max povse-rnd 3-mariners
    134-brent jones-rnd 4-d'backs
    139-orlando arcia-brewers
    140-justin Garza--indians
    144-yairo munoz-a's
    145-ozhaino (ozzie) albies-braves
    149-julian leon-angels
    151-manuel margot-padresx2
    153-jairo labourt-tigers
    158-correlle prime-rockies
    165-jace fry-rnd 3-cws
    166-javier Guerra-padres
    170-jose lopez-rnd 6-reds
    177-christian pache-braves
    178-drew Jackson-5th rnd-dodgers
    185-micker adolfo-cws
    186-cristian olivo-reds
    194-rafael devers-red sox
    195-franklin reyes-cws

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    i need pujols rcs ,braves autos,and some prospects ,autos of , machado, ,arenado
    . ,trout,,kris Bryant ,corey seager,, trea turner, correa,benintendi, judge, moniak,Ronald acuna,
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