I'm a vintage baseball card collector and came across some basketball base cards in a lot that I picked up. I know there's not a lot of value here so I understand shipping will be an issue. Depending on where you're located (I'm in MA), figuring shipping will be about $10-$15 but we can figure that out later. Basically, I would like to cover my shipping costs and maybe get a few bucks in return with the value of the trade. By a little I'm figuring like $20 delivered to a home they're wanted. If there's no interest and someone just wants to pay for shipping with no trade, I'm willing to do that too. Lastly, if anyone is in the SE Mass. area and wants to meet up, they're yours for free. There's also a monthly card show in Mansfield MA that we could meet up at as well. Hate to see these go to waste but this is a great example why I don't collect newer stuff.
I'm looking for any pre-1970 Topps baseball cards in exmt or better, any pre-1980 PSA graded any sport. I downloaded much of the lot into my inventory. Probably won't get around to the rest though. Any basketball that you see there is in the lot.
There's about 550 cards total broken roughly as follows.
50 2003 Bowman Chrome w/ rookies
25 2003 Bowman Gold w/ rookies
75 2003 Bowman w/ rookies
150 2009-10 Certified
100 1996 Bowmans Best w/ rookies
50 2003 SPX
100 2010 SP Authentic