The 2019 Topps Heritage Baseball set has returned for another season of baseball card nostalgia! In keeping with the tradition that Heritage established in 2001 with its debut, the 2019 set will mimic the set design from 49 years prior with this year giving the nod to the 1970 gray-bordered Topps release.
In staying with another theme that has been intertwined with the Heritage sets, the Short Prints and variation are sprinkled throughout the checklist in a variety of fashions, typically mirroring errors or novelties that existed in the original 1970 set.
This Short Print & Variation Gallery will provide you with a guide to identify all of the uncommon chase cards that exist within 2019 Topps Heritage.
Here’s an easy way to tell if you have any of the chase cards. Just flip the card over and either look around the card number for some text identifying the type of variation or look at the code at the bottom of the card. If it ends in one of the suffixes from the list below, then you know you have a chase card!
CMP Codes (ending in):

  • Base:
  • Base SP:
  • Action Variation: 124
  • Error Variation:
  • Nickname Variation:
  • Team Color Variation:
  • Throwback Uniform Variation:
  • Traded Variation:

Keep checking back for more updates and pictures as we get them!

2019 Topps Heritage SP & Variation Checklist

52 – Chris Archer
78 – Mookie Betts
323 – Robinson Cano
384 – Michael Kopech
387 – Luis Urias
392 – Danny Jansen
393 – Corbin Burnes
394 – Kyle Tucker
401 – Francisco Lindor
404 – Kris Bryant
406 – Anthony Rizzo
409 – Jose Altuve
410 – Christian Yelich
413 – Gleyber Torres
415 – Bryce Harper
419 – Jacob DeGrom
424 – Alex Bregman
426 – Justin Verlander
430 – Shohei Ohtani
432 – Khris Davis
436 – Ozzie Albies
440 – Javier Baez
442 – Zack Greinke
451 – Edwin Diaz
454 – Max Scherzer
458 – Rhys Hoskins
466 – Scooter Gennett
468 – Nolan Arenado
475 – J.D. Martinez
481 – Juan Soto
485 – Mike Trout
499 – Aaron Judge
500 – Ronald Acuna, Jr.

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