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    Feb 2004
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    Can you hit my want lists::I have tons of cards not listed on my site. ex or better on vintage

    All Topps Gallery of Heroes cards for Football and Basketball

    Have basketball 2000 duncan gh5, payton gh6,walker7 and webber gh8 kobe gh3 5 need rest
    Basketball 2001brand gh4, allen gh5,mcdyess gh9, GH2DUNCAN, e jones 7

    JERRY RICE 2000 GH-8, james gh4 warner gh 9, faulk George gh 10


    97 alomar cc1, pettitte 4,
    98 GWYNN 8
    00 piazza, sosa
    00 premium arod

    91dr elite series1-8 Have drabek, m williams
    92 donruss elite series2-18 /10000 have carter,hojo Pendleton, Thomas, gooden,gwynn
    93 de elite series 19-36 have gonzo, VANSLIKE ,LARKIN, DAULTON, Eckersley,,Winfieldmcgriff,
    sheffield ,edgar bondsneed rest(have yount legend)

    93 Dr elite dominator /5000 NEED RYAN, GRIFFEY
    94 donruss spirit of the game (10) have dykstra,olerud
    94 dr elite have salmon, kruk, gwynn, j gonzo,GALLARAGGA, belle mcdowell
    Flair infield power have ripken
    94 leaf mvp silver contender /10000 need:clark, fielder,j gonzo,molitor, ripken, Thomas,bagwell, Jeffries mcgrifflarkin, sanders, m Williams,
    94 select skills grissom
    94 sportsflix going/gone have bonds,salmon, cartermwilliams m, piazza, Sheffield,Thomas, belle
    94 sportsflix movers have sosa,jefferies,hendersondykstra, sandberg

    95 dr elite series /1000 have maddux

    95 flair infield power bags
    95 pinnacle red hot have mondesibagwell, lofton, clark,baerga, mattinglt,Alomar, Floyd, salmon, maddux
    95 select cant miss have klecko, Delgado, many, green,chipper,arod
    95 select big stcks have bonds, molitor
    95 select sure shots hermanson, Christensen, buchannan
    95 select rookie surge need ,hammonds ,becker,
    95 stadium club power zone have molitor, carter.thomas
    Ud steal of a deal(15) alomar/carter,, bags
    95 zenith z team(18) need piazza, ripken,griffey
    96 col choice yctg silver see thru have BONDS 23,10 thomas, 15, castilla,17 fielder, tettleton,m.vaughn,Edmonds, griffey 1 chipper,bags, sheff(also gold fielder, Thomas, Griffey,gant Williams, karros,
    96 dr elite have(61-72) many, maddux, sanders, CHIPPER,GWYNN bichette nomo, Thomas, mo Vaughn, salmon
    96 pacific flame thrower havemussina
    .96 pinnacle skylines have maddux, vaughn ,piazza
    96 pinnacle power have Williams , thpmas,piazza, murray, Edmonds, manny
    996 pinnacle first rate *18( bonds, manny
    96 select en fuego(25) need Griffey,bonds,piazza, chipper,puckett, sheffiled, r. Johnson,arod,

    96 sports flix double take have: piazza/Irod, maddux/nomo, many/sosa, mondesi/belle, ripken/larkin

    96 stadium club bash and burn(10) have sosa, biggio

    96 stadium club power packed

    96studio hit parade gwynn, salmon

    96 summit hitters inc.(16) 1, gwynn, thomas

    96 ultra hr king (12) need Canseco

    96 ultra thunder clap (20)have bonds and mcgwire, m williams , carter, sandberg,mcgriff, raffy, bonilla , dawson,need rest

    96 ultra golden prospects need alcantara, singleton, monds,

    96 ultra golden prospects gold med need alcantara,, batista, cox, CAMERON, DYE, hildalgo,Jennings, Maxwell, singleton, monds, , W. GUERRERO,IBANEZ,

    96 UD run producersHave Vaughn,mc griff,Canseco,buhner,m. Williams,lofton, salmon,many, thomas

    97 flair hot gloves have maddux, Alomar, grissom

    97 flair showcase diamond cuts (20) need Griffey, hundley,a iones,jeter, arod,

    97 fleer bleacher reacher have piazza

    97 fleer lumber co vaughn

    97 prism gate attractions have l.johnson, molitor, nomo, SOSA, boggs, bags,
    MADDUX, a jones, c. jones GALLARAGGA,mcgwire, gwynn caminiti

    1997 Sdium club firebrand Vaughn, jgonzo
    Stadium Club, Patent Leather need irod,griffey
    97 sta

    1997 topps sweet strokes(15) have Edgar, Thomas, piazza, mcgwire, raffy, belle

    97 ultra power plus mcgwire, belle,gonzo thomas

    97 ud national pride have nomo sosa, walker edgar

    97 ud power package have mcgriff, Vaughn, mcgwire

    98 aurora on deck lazer cuts have boggs,walker,grieve, j gonzo, jeter, cruz, piazza, mcgwire, arod, maddux,Griffey, chipper

    98 donruss hit list have salmon

    98 dr elite series have chipper,mcgwire

    98 eo portraits omega have maddux, irod, wood,lee, gonzo, arod,chipper, gwynn.

    98 finest centurions have rolen, l. Hernandez, lee, cruz,wright,walker,konerko

    98 leaf rookies/stars greatest hits*20) have grieve, ripken, Thomas,arod,gwynn, griffey

    98 pacific in the cage coll have irod, JUSTICE, edgar, Alomar, arod mcgwiregwynn need rest

    98 paramount team checklist have Clemens, grieve,hundley, hernande,zyoung
    Ripken Thomas,Griffey, bagwell piazza bonds,gwynn, vlad, palmer
    98 paramount special delivery nomar.maddux, ripken, chipper grieve,nomo, cruz, vlad, mcwire,, arod, piazza, justicw, gwynnbonds,mcgwirepedro
    98 paramount fielders choice have maddux, iROD, THOMAS, GRIEVE,sheffield
    Cruz, nomo, boggs, PIAZZA,nomar, ripken, jeter,arod, walker,bagwell,Vaughn, bernie

    98 pinnacle first pitch have maddux

    98 revolution foul pole have piazza, j gonzo, NOMAR, THOMAS, AROD,GRIEVE, alou, mcgriwe, MANNY, castilla, Sheffield, lee, bernie

    98 studio hit parade (20)have clark, gwynn

    98 Upper deck amazing greats/2000 have arod, andrew J.thomas , maddux, jeter, gwynn r. Johnson, ripken, SOSA, sheffield , Alomar,piazza,gonzo,chipperbagwell,,need rest

    98 upper deck amazing greats die cut/250 alomar, Sheffield, cruz, bagwell need rest

    98 ud wonder yearshave arod,walker, chipper ripken,jeter, clemens, mcgwire, lofton,

    98 ultra win now needThomas,nomo.bagwell cruz,clemens,,
    98 ultra power plus(10) piazza

    99 bow best franchise best mach /500 have nomar, arod

    99 FINEST PEAL AND REVEAL HAVE MADDUX, bagwell, lee, BAGWELL, chipper, burrell

    99 FINEST PEAL AND REVEAL SPARKLE HAVE MADDUX, Clemens, sosa, bagwell, gallaragga, garciaparra, grieve, wood, bonds, bagwell, HELTON, mcgwire, juan gonzo, arod, mcgwire, VLAD, thomas

    99 Finest peal and reveal hyperplad have vlad, bonds, lee, sosa, clemens , AROD, WOOD, helton, mcgwire, gallaragga, grieve

    99 Metal planet metal have rolen, lee, gonzo,piazza,a jones, ripken,ersta™™™™s, mcgwier

    99 pacific home run heroes have Canseco, sosa, belle, Vaughn, Griffey, mcgwire

    99 pacific crown colletion (cup cards) have gwynn, ripken, sosa, mcgwire.
    Nomar, arod, thomas
    99 pacific in the cage have drew, mcgwire, thomas, e. Martinez, piazza, alou

    99 paramount fielders choice have arod, IROD, chipper, MC GWIRE, thomas, nomar,b. Williams,j.gonzo,wood,drew,,sosa, Ramirez,helton,

    Bernie,ripkn, rolen, mcgwire nomar, mondesi

    99 revolutionThorn in side have nomar, mcgwire, maddux, Vaughn, arod,piazza
    99 diamond legacy have nomar

    99 SKYBOX THUNDER DIAL 1 need j.gonzo,chipper, arod,

    99 sports illustrated fabulous 40 (13)

    99 stadium club triumvirate luminous need
    3 b griffey, 6 a bagwell, 9b nomar, 10 a helton, 13 c grieve, 14 a sosa, 14 c bonds, 5 b thome, 15 c tino,

    99 stadium club triumvirate luminescent have Vaughn 1a, caminiti 1b,buhner 3a, 3a arod,12 a chipper, 14 a t8a sosa, 8c wood, biggio 6b,7a nomar, helton 10A,lee t10b,TINO 15C, j. gonzo t 13a, grieve 13c, 6c Johnson, 3b griffey, payrod t9a, gallaragga 16b grace 8ba jones2a,vaugn7c,need rest

    99stadium club triumvirate illuminator have 4a jeter, 2b chipper gallaraga 2c, BIGGIO 6B, tino 4b,1a g. Vaughn

    99 topps power brokers need:Sosa,arod, Thomas,Vaughn, walker,

    99 topps chromlords of diamond have chipper, sosa,mcgwire, arod, bondserstadgwynn, galaragga, maddux

    99 ultra rbi kings irod, bags,ripken, mcgwire, piazza, chipper,Thomas, arod, sosa,belle, thome,jeter,oneillcanseco, bonds,gieve,lee,a jones, nomar

    99 ultra thunder clap NEED (15) Griffey (silver ones)

    00 bow crome metoric rise nomar , Griffey, mcgwire
    00 crown royal proofs have ripken, maddux, nomar, JETER, manny, pedro,,thome, green, Bernie, casey,SORIANO

    00 Finest For the Record have Chipper Jones #10b: SOSA 7C, nomar 5a, piazza 10)9b, ripken 6b

    00 Impact point of impact need Griffey,jeter,arod

    00 omega eo portraits have maddux, jeter, mcgwire, piazza,nomar,ankiel,gwynn,guerreropedro,burrell,ir od,Sheffield,sosa

    00 Pacific Crown Collection In the Cage have Manny Ramirez #8, irod 20 nomar 4

    00 pacific gold crown die cuts a. jones

    00 paramount fielders choice have maddux, NOMAR. A JONES, irod, griffey, many, casey, gwynn, arod, walker, sosa, Bernie

    00 prism center stage die cut have bags

    Oo revolution net fusions foul pole have bagwell, pedro chipper, jeter, vlad, irod,nomar, piazza

    00 stadium club 3x3 illuminator have a. jones, piazza, irod, arod, biggio, bichette S7c,L.gonzo 7b. 6c nomar,9a manny, 9C GONZO, 5B WILLIAMS,maddux 1c,9b sosa

    00 s.c 3 x 3 luminescent have biggio, pedro, sosa, l. gonzo, Ramirez, bell, canseco, a jones, lieberthal 2c, Bichette 7c, ventura 5c, jeter 6b, a. jones 8c
    9 c j. gonzo,

    00 s.c.c. Eyes of the game refractorhave mcgwire, walker, jeter , r. Johnson, sosa

    00 stadium club clear shots refractor need CLEMENS, chipper Griffey, many, j gonzo, b Williams
    00 topps chrome power plus belle Mondesi, sosa

    00 topps glistening gold havepedro
    00 topps gallery proof positive have burnett/pedro, jeter Soriano, sosa/patterson, mcgwire/burrell , piazza/munson, bomar/ozuna, mateo/griffey

    00 topps gold label treasury need jeter, Soriano

    00 topps hd ballparkfigures (10)grieve, griffey
    00 topps hd clearly refined (10)burrell, soriano, johnson, hamilton
    00 Topps HD image (10)
    00 Topps HD cutting edge (10) walker guerrero, a jones

    01 fleer genuine high interest(15) have a jones

    01 FLEER LEGACY HOT GLOVES have Palmeiro, maddux

    01 fleer premium time for heroes have helton, green, Delgado, glaus, JETER, sosa, Griffey, BURRELL, nomarDREW

    01 fleer premium decade of excellence have glaus, ankiel, fisk, seaver, reggie Jackson, reese, slaughter, mattingly, Schmidt, rizzuto, IROD CHIPPER,MADDUX,MARIS,j. ROBINSON, GREENBERG , FOXX, carlton, ruth/Gehrig

    01 topps before topps have dimaggio wagner mathewson, Gehrig, ruth,dimaggio,w. johnson,cobb, hornsbyalexander,young
    01 topps goleden greats, ted, ernie,seaver.chen zito, ripken, mays,Koufax, thomas

    01 topps noteworthy musial, ripken

    01 topps hd 20-20 (10)

    01 topps HD Game defined (10)

    01 ultra greatest hits (10) have mcgwirempedro, gwynn

    01 ud class of 36 have Mathewson, Johnson, ruth, cobb
    01 ud monument park (6)Gehrig
    01 ud murderers row (10) ruth
    01 ud so cent showcase banks, paige,ryan, young

    01 ud power plus mcrir

    03 avant wall of frame(14) /299 have ford, rizzuto, KILLEBREW, brooks, schmidt
    03 studio /25 have giambi, hunter
    03 showcase hot gloves jersey maddux
    03 studio gold /100 have Soriano, arod, thome, walker, giambi, mussina, BURRELL,SPIVEYCONTRERAS,PEDRO,NOMARberkman many,ordonez,hunter,helton.kearns,Tejada, need rest

    05 Studio stars gold only /500 version need Clemens, jeter, wright,

    06 showcase hot gloves have rolen, Hudson


    1949 bowman Have # 9, 81 NEED REST

    1950 bowman have list(NEED REST)

    10,20,29,48.49,53,58,64,66,72,73,78, 80,81,87,90,99,100,103,107,111,113,116,117,119,120 ,124,125,129,133,140,141,143,154,156,182,186,187,1 88,195,199,,218,230,236,241,243, 245,

    1951 Bowman Have list 6,7,8,9,15,17,18,20,21,22,23,24,25,29,33,36,38,39, 40,41,42,44,45,46,47,48,49,51,52,53,54,55,56,57,58 ,60,61,62,63,64,65,66,67,68,69,70,71,72,78,80,81,8 2,93,95,96,98,99,104,105,108,110,118,125,126,127,1 33,137,144,146,147,169,171,174,175,195,197,200,206 ,209,212,217,238,239,245,249,251,259

    1951 topps redbacks have 41

    1952 Bowman have list:4,5,,9,12,16, 31,32, 53,57,62,64,65,68,70,71,72,75,
    79,80,87,100,101,102,103,104,106,110, 111,124,125,126,127,130,135,138,139,140,143,144,14 9,155,157,170, 182,200,202,210,213,241,

    1952 Topps Have list: 12,15,17,57,63,66,86,93,99,110,115,125,126,136,138 ,140.142,143,160,167,196.197,206,217,226, 242

    1953 Bowman have list:
    1,2,,4,5,7,9,13,17,18,20,26,41,44,50,52,56,61,67,, 97,101,110,120

    1953 Topps have list: 4,8,12,13,15,16,17,18,21,22,23,25,26,30,32,33,36,4 0,42,48,49,50,51,53,57,58.59,6062,,63,64,65,67,69, 71,79,80,84,88,89,90,91,93,97,98,102,103,107u,108, 110,116,118,123,125,126,130,132,135,136,141,145,14 6152,155,156,158,160,166,169,170,171,172176,178,18 0,181,185,186,187,189,194,195,196,198,199,200,201, 204,205,208,209,210,213,217,219, 247,279

    1954 Bowman Have list:
    7,9,11,13,18,19,23,28,29,30,32,36,44,50,57,59,60,6 1,71,76,77,81,85,86,91,93,97,98,100,
    101,102,104,105,108,109,110,111,122,123,125,131,13 5,138,142,156,159,161,172,173,186,188,189,205U 213,223

    1954 Topps have list 1,3,4,5,9,15,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,26,27,29,,31, 33,34,36,39,40,41,42,44,45,49,50,51,56,60,76,77,80 ,83,84,86,91,92,95,106,108,111,112,114,115,119,121 ,124,129,136,140,149,150,151,154,156,158,167,173,1 78,179,182,189,190,198.201,202,210,211,214,216,217 ,216,221,,222,228,238,244

    1955 Bowman have list: 1,4,5,6,7,10,11,12,13,14,1518,19,20,21,23,24,28,30 ,32,34,35,36,37,38,39,40,41,42,44,45.,46,47,48,49, 50, 51,52,53,54,55,57,61,62,64,65,83,68,70,74,81,85,87 ,91,93,94,99,102,104,105,107,108,111,114,115,116,1 17,118,119,120,121,122,125,,126,129,131,134,135,13 6,137138,,139,141,142,143,147,148,151,152,156,160, 161,162,163,166,167,168,170,171,172,175,177,181,18 2,183,185,187,188,189,196,191,192,197,200,205,206, 207,208,210,211,212,213,214,215,216,218,219,220222 ,223u,230,251,253,255,256u,263u,273

    1955 Topps have list 1,2,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,14,15,16,18,19,20,,21,23,26 ,27,29,30,31,32,33,34,35,36,37,39,41,42,43,44,46,4 8,49,52,53,54,55,56,57,58,59,60,61,62,63,64,65,66, 67,68,69.70,71,72,73,74,75,77,78,79,81,82,83,84,85 ,86,87,91,93,95,97,98,99,100,101,102,104,105,106,1 09,110,111,112,113,114,115,116,117,118.119,120,122 ,124,126,127,128,129,130,131,132,133,134,135,136,1 37,138,141,142,144,145,146,147,148,149,150,151,152 ,153,160,163,165,166,170,192

    1957 Need list:
    18,20,30,,35,,55,0,,82u,84,90,125,151u,,210,222,26 5,268,271,272,277,,283,,286,288,, 291,292,294,299,301,302,304,306,307,318-319,321,324,325,328,338-340,343,344,,345,,351,,389, 391,400,

    1958 Need list:1,30,47,52,78,145,310,464,

    1959 NEED list: 1,76,202,205,478,514,530,543,,559,569,570

    1960 Need list:

    355,496,507,510,517,520,521, 523,527,531, 533,543,554,,562,565.567,568

    1961Need list:
    417,426,523,525,526,528,529,531,532,534,535,537,53 9,541-545,547-552,554-560,562-565,567,568,569,571,572,2573,576,579-584,586,587,

    1962 Need List:
    472,523,530,533,534, 541,543,544,546, 550,552,557,558,560,561,567,570,572,575,576 584, 585,586,-587, 590,591,593,-594,598-

    1963 Need LIST:252,300,302,317,,340,343,360,380,382,392,394, 398,490,496,500,
    ,537,,553,558, (Need checklist upgrades 500,540) (mantles are 2,200,173) upgrades needed musial killebrew clemente

    1964 need list:

    1965 Need list: 45,93,104,126,154,189,204,226,268,273,281,285,287, 290,294,295,296,299,300,303,304, 309,313,314,318,319,320,325,330,332,336,337,338,34 0,343,346,349,352,353,354,355,357,360,361,363,365, 369,370,372,381,383,395,410,414,415,419,431,450,44 9,460,461,470,475,477,484,489,493,495,500,510,513, 526,534,533,561,566,582,586, (Note my lower numbered cards are in less that desirable condition so I’d be interested in starter losts of all but the high numbered cards in the set)

    1966 Need list: 38, 100,126,212,220,224,238,254,296,396,410, 430,444,449,455,461,462, 463, 470, 484,497,519,523,526,530,531,544,546,547,552,559,56 3,567,568,570,576,583,586,598

    1967 HAVE LIST;5,7,12,22,42,62,64,66,72,80,91,103,104,109,11 6, 122,123,143,146,153,192,166,167,207,232,233239,,25 7,262,20,278,286,294,327,367,374,379,384,385, 408,420,428,454,455,465, 582,599

    1968 Need list: 2,5,9,11,12,14,18,19,21,22.37,41,48,51,52,5557,65, 66,67,68,70,71,78,79,80,81,88,94,9597,111-115,117, 118,119,121,124,15,127-129,132-136/138-142,145-148,150, 151,154,156,158,160, 61,62,64,6,67,169-171,173,175-180,184,85,86,88,192-195,202,206,207,209,10,14,16,220,26,27,29,31,32,36 ,47,48,51,,264,65,271,76,77,79,82,89,90,91,92,302, 307,311,312,316,17,18, 326,332,34,35,39,40,46,59,366,372,7375,78,79,380,8 8,89,90,403,405,06,09,417,18,20,21,24,25,27,28,430 ,433,37,39,45,47,51,54,58,59,60,61,65,67,68,69,70, 71,72,474-487,491,93 497, 499-506, 510-517,519,522-526,,28,29,30,32,33,35,36,39,44,45,48,51,553,554,5 57,559,561,63,64,68,69,574-580,83,84,588-590,592,596,598-

    1969 need list 1,8,9,12,17,21,25,26,28,31,32,36,40,43,45,46,48,51 ,62,69,70,71,72,78,81,83,85,92,93,95, 105107,110,115,119,120, 124,127,130, 140,141, 146,147,150, 152,161-171,173,
    174,180,181,182,185,187,190,192, 200,203,206,208,212,214,215,219-222, 224,225,229,231,233-235,237,238,241,242, 244-249,254-260,263,265-268,
    270,271,275-278,281-283, 285,289,90,91,96-300,302,05,10,12,13,319,321,322,
    325,326,328,332,338,341,343,357,360,362,366,367, 369,371,372,373,
    375,379,380,83,90,92,95,,98,403,13,16,17,20,21,22, 24,426-429,431-434,37,438,440, 443-446, 450, 451,454,456457,461,462,464,465,466,469,471,472,
    73,74,480,483,85,86,489,490,491,93,94,96,97,98,499 ,501,505, 506509,510,511,513,514,518,519,20,24,27,533,34,35, 37,39,40,43,45,47,550,552,555, 557,563, 64,570,573,577-579,582,587, 589, 590,592,593,597,600,601,602,604,618,19,20, 22,23,25,630,632,640,643,650,655,656,57,660,661,66 2,664

    1970 Need list:
    1,9,10,25,27,31,35,45,62,64,65,66,67,69,70,75,95,1 09.111,118,120,122,127,130,133,137,140,143,145150, 152,154,156,158,159, 160,168,60,70,73,180, 84,85,189, 190,192,94,97,98,201,209,11,12,16, 220,224-227,229-232,34,36,37,39,4044,250,52,55,58,260,61,63-66, 69,70,275-296,298-303,305-315,17,18,320,21,323-26,328-333,335,336,338,40,42,44,46,47,49-55,57-63, 365-397,399-402,404,05,407-412,414-18,420-24, 426-431,33-436,440,42,44,45,47,449-475,477,78,80,81,83,86,88,89,491-507509-512,51`4,516-568,570-595,598-613,615-623, 625-631,633-639, 641-652,54,55,657-683,86,688-89, 91-94, 696-end(have 720)

    1992 Bowman need
    3,4,9,14,20,23,25,26,30,31,39,40,41,42,47,49,51,53 ,
    59,77,79,81,86,88,93,95,110,115,116,120,133,142,14 3,125,146,147,149,151,152,
    106,207,209,211,220, 231,248,252,253,
    275,279,280,287,291,302,307,308,313,320,324,327,33 9,332,333,345,347,357-360,364,366,,376,391,392,395,396,398,412,420,421,4 22,423,426-429,432,434,436-448,449, 450, 454,455 461,462,473-477,492,496,504,510,511,513,519,520,523,525,532-533,539,546-548 551,552,555,573,574,576,579,579,582,583,585,589,59 1,592,594,596,598,602,611-612,615,622, 624—629 613,634.635,641,645-649,652,655,660,661,662,665,667,668,676,679,

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  2. Check out the Auctions from Packrip.com
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    See robwes207's Items on eBay


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    See NONE's Items on eBay

    Have these that you might need:

    '00 Bowman Chrome-Meteorric Rise #MR7 Cal Ripken
    '01 Ultra-Greatest Hits #3GH Ken Griffey
    '95 Pinnacle-Red Hot #RH5 Mike Piazza
    '99 Topps Chrome-Lords of the Diamond #LD4 Frank Thomas
    '00 Prizm-Center Stage #15 Mark McGwire
    '01 Fleer Genuine-High Interest ##15HI
    '99 Topps Gallery-Gallery of Heroes #GH1 Mark McGwire
    '99 Finest-Peel & Reveal Hyperplaid #PR9 Alex Rodriguez
    '99 Topps-Power Brokers #PB6 Alex Rodriguez
    '99 Topps Gallery-Gallery of Heroes #GH10 Alex Rodriguez
    '99 Sports Illustrated-Fabulous 40s #12FF Alex Rodriguez
    '99 Sports Illustrated-Fabulous 40s #11FF Rafael Palmeiro
    '99 Sports Illustrated-Fabulous 40s #7FF Vinny Castilla
    '99 Sports Illustrated-Fabulous 40s #1 Mark McGwire
    '97 Ultra-Power Plus #5 Chipper Jones (Silver on front)
    '97 Ultra-Power Plus #7 Mike Piazza (Silver on front)
    '96 Summit-Hitters Inc. #6 Frank Thomas (not sure if you have it or not)

    LMK, what you need and I'll see what I can use from you list.

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    Mark for later.

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    On smaller trades I use PWE but will always use a bubble mailer if you ask.
    Slow trader. Please be patient. Although I love trading, I do not have enough time for it, so it takes me a while.
    Check my site: Hidden Content for wants and trade items.
    "CMB"'s will be ignored. Sorry

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    Ill be back home on monday cajun wl check then. Skip looking forward to y ok ur offer. Bob

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    I know I can hit a bunch of your needs, especially in vintage baseball. I'm not sure, however, whether you can hit many of mine. I took a quick look at your trade lists and only saw a few things I need (1992 Bowman 127 (DelGado); 1965 Topps Embossed: 69 Gibson, 59 Aaron, Mays, Clemente depending on condition. Before I dig and post what I expect to be a few dozen of your needs that I have, could you take a look at my wants and LMK if there is anything else you can hit? You can find them here:
    or on my site for sports other than baseball: http://www.freewebs.com/frankpell/

    Ill be back home on monday cajun wl check then. Skip looking forward to y ok ur offer. Bob

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    Cajun e mailed you a list of what I can use. Skip I'll pm you after I look at your list

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    skip pm sent

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    See collectorskip's Items on eBay

    Replied with PM and trade proposal.

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    thanks for the trade skip. will mail tomorrow.

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