these plaques that come one per box in the 2003 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia are nothing like you have seen before. ther come in a hinged satin lined box. they are in 2 pieces. one piece is the etched piece of glass with tom bradys pic etched into the glass. the glass measures 1/2 inch think, 7 1/2 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches tall. there is a wooden stand with a plate on the front of it for the glass to fit into so it will stand up. the wodden base has the serial number(in my case it/s 21/150) and a piece of GU jersey in it. Here is the pic. They are only priced in the new realease pricing on beckett online. Mine is $60 and I want $70 in trade because it will cost at least $5-10 to ship this, its about 3 pounds or so. i believe as soon as these hit the beckett they will start to go up(thats my opinion). The pic is not that great, it does not do it justice.