i have a A-rod 1 of 1 (yellow plate) from topps turkey red 2006. the BV on the one numbered to 25 or 50 i forgot, is 30$ high so obvioulsy this one isnt listed, i have it scanned under "one of one's. its in perfect condition and was put in a case the second it was pulled from the pack. its the checklist a-rod thats why is not worth over 100$ lol but it still has a nice sliding picture of him on it and there is no checklist on the back due to the fact its a plate. just looking to see what i could get for it. maybe something in my signature or just anyoine that might need it for there collection though out some card offers. really in essence im in a slow cylce of always trying to turn my whole colection into key rookie cards and auto's, everything else im always trying to trade,(game used, inserts, rare, numbered cards,) but always am open for offers on any of my cards.