I know pathetic title....but am a not that creative with titles altogether.
I think I did pretty darn good considering I paid an average of $95 a box delivered. My wife and I had fun opening them and I nearly gave her a heart attack on box number 2 when she told me the name of the auto RC she pulled:)
Out to the breaks with some nice pics! Didn't bother scanning the spxcitement's though.
ALL THE RC"S ARE NOT FOR TRADE as I go for this set every year. Every thing else is fair game towards Bergeron's, auto/jersey RC's I need or good 'ol paypal.

Box 1
SpXcitement---Satan x2 (yuck) Jagr
Flashback Fabrics---Fedorov (white)
Winning Materials---Heatley (red and black)
RC's/1999---Alexei Kaigorodov
RC jersey/1999---Patrick Thoresen (gray and blue)
auto/jersey RC's/1299---Dustin Boyd(redemption) and Ben Ondrus(both white)

Box 2
SpXcitement---Lehtonen, Horton, P.Esposito
Spectrum base---Olli Jokinen 22/25
Winning Materials Spectrum---Miroslav Satan 80/99 (blue and white) seriously this guy haunts me in all my pulls....at least it could have been 81/99!
Winning Materials---Jose Theodore(nice 4 color--blue and white on top and black and maroon on bottom)
RC/1999---Michael Blunden
RC jersey/1999---Jonas Johansson (both black or very dark blue)
Auto/jersey RC/799---JORDAN STAAL! (yeah me but both white) can't complain though :p

Box 3
SpXcitement---Hossa, Blake, Salming, Modano
Flashback Fabrics---Dave "tiger" Williams (white) 1st dibs to Bruce though:D
Winning Materials---Brian Leetch (white and yellow)
RC/1999---Alexei Mikhnov
Jersey RC/1999---Konstantin Pushkarev (both purple)
Auto/jersey RC/799---Patrick O'Sullivan (purple and white)

Box 4
SpXcitement---Heatley, Yashin, Doan
Winning Materials Spectrum---Sergei Samsonov (both white) 49/99
Winning Materials---Alexander Ovechkin (blue and white)
RC/1999---Erik Reitz
jersey RC/1999---Filip Novak (both dark blue)
auto/jersey RC/1299---Noah Welch (both white)

Box 5
SpXcitement---Brodeur, Roy
SpXcitement Spectrum---Ryan Miller 79/99
Winning Materials---Tomas Holmstrom (both red) Niklas Lidstrom (red and white)
RC/1999---Janis Sprukts
Jersey RC/1999---Billy Thompson (orange and blue) Shane O'Brien (both white)
Auto/jersey RC/1299---Loui Eriksson (both black/dark green)

Overall very happy with this product although out of 5 boxes I couldn't even complete a single base set and probably 20 away from a second base set.
Comments are welcome and looking to trade for all auto/jersey RC's. With the Kessel I bought at a very good price I am already half way to the auto/jersey /799 set.

Thanks, Nathan