i just pulled this out of a bowman chrome pack, i have no idea what the value might be. i hate to even use the word ebay on any trading site, but dont they consider the last card of the print run a somewhat one of one. anyways its one of the coolest card ive ever pulled. i had a good weekend from all my hockey redemtions that came in my two packs of upperdeck black geting a auto out of that and a quad jersey numbered to 25/25, I just realized something i ive only pulled three cards numbered to exactly 25 one was a greg maddux update chrome card last year, and the other two where this weekend and they where both numbered 25/25, thats wierd. anywasy there is a front and back scan in my bucket of the deangelo, its under football base, its up for trade, also anyones opinion on what it might be worth would be greatly appreated!!