recently got my cards out and have decided to do something with em. i was a dealer from mid 80's to early 90's. (see post on vintage board.) i have decided that instead of giving them away on ebay or naxcom i want to find a few that are willing to trade a few hi dollar cards for a lot of older cards. i have a very diverse group of cards 50's thru 1993 or 94 in baseball and football and 69 thru 93 or so in basketball..some oddball stuff and golf 81 and racing etc. i would like to go in $500 lots..this will give some of you younger collectors a more diverse collection...plz let me know if you are interested..i would like some of the older cards graded 9.0 or better in b or psa but will consider anything..i will trade $500 for $450 and pay should cost 50 or $60..i will entertain any offer..thanks for reading.