I tried to do this with football at the beginning of the Football season and people tried to take it over and people backed out and stuff like that. So im going to explain everything in this post and if your in your in if your not your not. This is the deal this contest will be for a $20 memorabila card. That means everyone puts in a $20 card and at the end of the year the winner gets them all. That means if 12 people are playing you get $240 worth of memorabilia cards. Also the cards will be sent to me before the season starts if you dont your team will be locked and you will not be allowed to play. So thats pretty much all the rules so if you are interested email me at homestarrunner919@yahoo.com
if you are willing to do what is written above and you are interested i will give you the password and league #

Thanks and goodluck to all that play