All these prices inlcude shipping. minum order is $6
2002 spx winning materials joey harrington sell for $18
2002 fleer hot prospects joey harrington rc sell for $20
2002 flair patrick ramsey rc sell for $8
2001 spx david terrel rc$8
2002 sweet spot rc gallery clinton portis sell for $17
2001 fleer chad pennington gu sell for $12
2002 atomic lamar smith patch (nfl logo)
dinger on corner BV $27 sell for $10
sell all except the harringtons for$37

03-04 topps lebron james rc sell for $15
03-04 ultra gold medallion t.j ford rc sell for $8
02-03 steve francis gu 2 color BV $23
03-04 Troy bell ulra rc sell for $2
All baskettball for a sale price of $37
Sell the whole lot of basketball and football except harringtons for $58.

1991 Upper Deck Chipper Jones rc sell for $2
1991 Upper Deck Final edition Pedro MArtinez sell for $4
2003 Topps Gallery HOF Frank robison bat piece sell for $7
2003 Sweet Spot Classics MArk Mcgwire logo patch sell for $16
2003 Timeless Treasures rookie year materials Vlad (blue stripe white jersey 2 colors, #ed to 100.) sell for $12
2003 Timeless Treasures rookie year materials Shefeild 2 colors #ed to 100 sell for $8
2001 fleer platnium albert pujols team leaders rc sell for $2
2000 bowman bary zito rc sell for $3
2000 Bowman Chrome barry zito sell for $11

Only thing i would trade for is harrington rcs, or star autos, or lebron and carmello rcs and gu, and spx auto rcs.
minum order is $6