We just had our last child and need the room badly.I am being forced to reduce my collection due to the amount of cards i have.I have made a small list of stuff i have for sale and will be adding more as i have the time...All are for sale NO TRADES please.An7 post about trades will not be answered!

rick barry pro basketball scouting reports book

94-95 basketball abstrack/basketball yearbook and fantasy guide

i have a numbrous amount of old back issue becketts...w/ jordan,
shaq,brid,magic..on cover and more

2 player 8/10's((unopened!!)
isiah thomas
james worthy

offical ready to frame photo of chris webber pc#1(looks like a frame)

92-93 UNCUT SHEET of larry bird(basketball heroes)only avabile by redemtion...
Got it sent back to me in a black frame

***complete sets***

1990 fleer-mint
1994 fleer-mint
1994 fleer- young lions mint
1994 fleer team leaders mint
1994 pro visions have 6 of the 9 mint
00-01 fleer tradition mint
89-90 fleer mint
81-82 topps mint(want full bv on this set!!! Its MINT)

have a bulk lot of rookies...about 2,000 plus rookies of players like
shaq,jermanie oneil,marbury,iveron,garnett,mourning,brand,odom,k obe,kittles
nash,artest,dooling,martin,duncan,ricky & baron davis,hill,penny hardaway
jamison,hilario,woods,welsch,prince,eddie and fred jones,haislip,mcgrady
AND LOTS MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

again another bulk lot this one on inserts...it has more than 400 inserts
of players like shaq,kobe,iveson,t mac,and lots of the players listed above
and more

i have about 100 vintage cards give or take a few from years of 76-79
george johnson,jammaal wilkens,jojo white,george mcGinnis,walt frazier
bernad king,doug collins,bobby jones,dan issel,john lucas,bob lanier,ruby tomjanovich
moses malone...AND A LOT MORE
i can make player or team bulk lots depending on the size and players your looking for
would determine the price......