I have about 8,000 cards left that I bought from my local card shop last year. Need to move them to make room. They are mostly mid 90s to 2001 and I have just added a bunch of 2002 & 2003. They only put cards in these boxes that booked $1 or more at time of release so there are mainly only stars/semi-stars in them. I have pulled out the #'d cards,oddball cards and SOME of the super-star cards. There are both regular issue and inserts. Have anywhere from 37 cards (Phillies) to over 1000 (Dodgers). Don't plan to list them all so I am going to let them go cheap to clear them out.

Will trade in 50 card lots (or total of what I have for a team) for 20 cents per card
(that is only $10).

If you buy 2 lots (100 cards @ $20) I will add $5 in superstar cards from that team to the lot

Will take the following in trade
Cards from my wants list
Cards #'d under 100
Pujols cards

my wants list is at:


thanks for the long read