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Thread: G-U & Autos ft/fs

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    Mar 2003
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    G-U & Autos ft/fs

    01 Private Stock Jsy #95 Michael Bishop
    01 Atomic Jsy #91 Reidel Anthony
    02 UD XL Big Time Jsy Silver #BTGA ser. #12/100 Rod Gardner
    99 Edge 1st Place HoloGold Rookie Gear Ball #RG3 Akili Smith X3
    01 Fleer Hot Prospects Jsy ser. #192/1500 Snoop Minnis
    01 Atomic Jsy #50 Terrelle Smith
    03 Sage Hit Emerald Auto #A21 Billy McMullen
    02 Topps Pristine Driving Force Jsy #DF-AT Anthony Thomas
    01 Leaf R & S Cross Training Jsy Brees/Couch #CT-11 serial #68/100 bv $40
    01 Fleer Gamme Time Uniformity Jsy Isaac Bruce bv $15
    01 Titanium Post Season Jsy #12 Reggie Germany
    01 Fleer Game Time Uniformity Jsy Peerless Price bv $15
    02 Bowman Draft Day Jsy #DDJ-JP Julius Peppers
    01 Topps Gallery Originals Jsy #GO-KW Kurt Warner bv $30
    01 Legacy NFL Game Issue Jsy #GI-MB Mark Brunell bv $20
    00 Playoff Contenders Rookie Ticket Auto #125 Chris Cole bv $12
    99 Edge Odyssey GameGear Ball #CE Curtis Enis
    02 PressPass auto Donte Stallworth bv $25
    00 Fleer Feel the Game Pants Marcus Robinson
    00 Omega Jsy #6 Charles Johnson
    97 UD Legends of NFL Auto #AL-164 Charlie Sandersv $10
    01 PressPass Auto Ken-Yon Rambo
    02 Pacific Jsy #17 Reggie Wayne
    03 Sage Class of 2003 Auto #CA33 ser. #92/100 Kevin Curtis bv $25
    02 Playoff Absolute Tools of the Trade 2 color Jsy #TT-8 ser. #118/150 Shaun Alexander bv $20+
    01 Fleer RookieRetro Threads Jsy Quincy Morgan bv $20
    01 Bowman Senior Bowl Jsy #BJ-JHE Jamie Henderson
    00 Fleer Autographics Chafie Fields
    02 UD National Honor Jsy #NHJ-RD Ron Dayne
    will trade for other autos, g-u or good rookie cards in football or baseball. I will also sell if interested. Make an offer
    Thanks for looking

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  2. Find Football Cards on Kronozio!!
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    Mar 2003
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    Jun 2003
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    Hey would you trade any of these

    02 Topps Pristine Driving Force Jsy #DF-AT Anthony Thomas
    02 Bowman Draft Day Jsy #DDJ-JP Julius Peppers
    01 Fleer Hot Prospects Jsy ser. #192/1500 Snoop Minnis
    02 Playoff Absolute Tools of the Trade 2 color Jsy #TT-8 ser. #118/150 Shaun Alexander
    01 Private Stock Jsy #95 Michael Bishop

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    Jun 2003
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    See ryanhnc10's Items on eBay

    i'd be interested in the snoop minnis jsy card. what do you want for it?

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    Mar 2003
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    tarheelsfan---I have everything listed in this site for trade or sell. What do you have to trade? lmk thanks

    HotSauce, don't know bv of Minnis, but will trade in baseball or football g-u, auto or good rc I need. Not too particular about any player. LMK thanks

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    Jun 2003
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    here is my tradelist


    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Shaquille O'Neal (Road Jersey)
    03-04 UD NBA Championship Drive Ryan Humphrey rc #ed 283/400
    03-04 UD MVP SS Andre Kirilenko
    03-04 Topps Jersey Edition Tyson CHandler (road Jersey)
    94-95 Topps Stadium Club Jason Kidd rc
    00-01 Press Pass Jaquay Walls Auto
    93-94 Skybox Chris Weber rc
    04-05 UD MVP Josh Howard rc
    04-05 UD MVP Ken Johnson rc
    04-05 UD MVP Zoran Planinic rc
    04-05 UD MVP CHris Kaman rc
    04-05 UD MVP Aleksandar Pavlovic rc
    04-05 UD MVP Kirk Hinrich rc
    04-05 UD MVP Maciej Lampe rc
    04-05 UD MVP Troy Bell rc
    04-05 UD MVP Marcus Banks rc
    04-05 UD MVP Dwayne Wade rc
    04-05 UD MVP Zarko Cabarkapa rc
    04-05 UD MVP Nick Collison rc
    99-00 UD Ovation Dermar Johnson rc #ed 110/2000
    02-03 UD Flight Team Morris Peterson Gu
    01-02 Fleer Platinum Mike Miller
    02-03 Fleer Hoops Stars Paul Pierce Game Worn Jacket


    03-04 Topps Terrel Suggs rc
    03-04 Score Larry Johnson rc
    03-04 Score Dave Ragone rc
    03-04 Score Byron Leftwich rc
    01-02 SP Gameused Editon Warren Sapp
    02-03 UD Mvp Clinton Portis RC
    03-04 Score Terence Newman rc
    03-04 Score Terrel Suggs rc
    02-03 UD Sweet Spot Josh McCown rc Jersey
    03-04 Topps Byron Leftwich rc


    02-03 UD Honro Roll Sammy Sosa
    02-03 Bowmans Signature Adam Johnson Auto
    03-04 Fleer Authentix Josh Beckett Jersey/Ticket (2 color) (traded)
    99-00 Topps Austin Kearns/Chris George rc
    03-04 Topps Heritage Dontrelle Willis rc
    02-03 Fleer Hot Prospects Barry Bonds (piece of base)

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    Jun 2003
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    See ryanhnc10's Items on eBay

    shandi- check out my site and lmk if anything catches your eye. thanks

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    Jul 2003
    SCF Rewards

    These cards are up for trade

    # 19 Perry Jeter
    # 89 Steve Mellinger (Poor Condition)
    # 154 Fred Morrison RC
    # 551 Brett Favre RC
    Superior Rookies
    Superior Rookies Autographs
    # 70 Serial Numbered 2768/5000
    Pinnacle Totally Certified Red
    # 42 Michael Irvin Serial Numbered #1309/4999
    Topps Stars
    #85 Ron Moore Serial Numbered 3539/8799

    Upper Deck Black Diamond
    # 17 Edgar Bennett Serial Numbered 1224/3000

    Upper Deck SPX
    # 65 Irving Fryar Radiance Serial Numbered 1468/3800
    Collectors Edge Oddysey
    Gamegear Hologold (Game Used Football 2 color black on pigskin)
    #LP Lawrence Phillips
    Black Diamond
    # 157 Tee Martin RC Game used

    Collector’s Edge Masters
    Master’s Domain
    #D9 James Stewart Serial Numbered 0538/5000
    Master’s Legends
    # ML30 Brad Johnson Serial Numbered 3288/5000
    Collector’s Edge T3
    # 197 Ron Dayne HoloPlatinum RC Serial Numbered #258/500

    # 45 Kevin Faulk Autographed
    # 50 Jamal Lewis Autographed RC

    Pacific Omega
    # 185 Frank Moreau RC Serial Numbered 249/500

    Pacific Private Stock
    # 50 Damon Huard Silver Serial Numbered 220/330
    # 121 Anthony Lucas Reatail RC Serial Numbered 598/650

    Pacific Revolution
    # 102 Doug Johnson RC Serial Numbered 255/300

    Pacific Prism
    Holographic Blue
    # 15 Mushin Muhammad Serial Numbered 076/100
    # 87 Ricky Watters Serial Numbered 086/100

    Playoff Momentum
    # 55 Daunte Culpepper Serial Numbered 7/11

    Playoff Prestige
    # 287 Todd Husak RC Serial Numbered 1233/2500

    # 197 Mike Alstott Serial Numbered 1449/2000

    Topps Gold Label
    # 51 Elvis Grbac Serial Numbered 0392/1000

    Topps Stars
    # 83 Brian Griese Serial Numbered 048/299

    Ultimate Victory
    # 95 Chad Morton RC Serial Numbered 0916/2000


    Hula Bowl Jersey
    # BJ-SS Steve Smith Game Used

    Bowman Chrome
    Senior Bowl Jersey
    # BCR-EW Eric Westmoreland Game Used

    Donruss Elite
    # 170 Cedric Scott RC Serial Numbered 202/250

    Donruss Quantum Leaf
    Infinity Purple
    # 53 Joey Galloway Serial Numbered 24/25

    Fleer Game Time
    #121 Robert Ferguson RC Serial Numbered 1979/2001

    Fleer Hot Prospects
    Rookie Premiere Post Marks
    Sage Rosenfels RC Serial Numbered 0393/1500
    Dan Morgan RC Serial Numbered 0484/1500

    Fleer Ultra
    # 274 Marques Tuiasosopo RC Serial Numbered 2390/2499

    LTD Retail
    # 24 Reggie Kelly Serial Numbered 269/299
    # 275 Jessie Armstead Serial Numbered 091/299
    #268 Willie Jackson Serial Numbered 030/299

    Pacific Private Stock Titanium
    Double Sided Jerseys
    # 52 Sammy Morris/Antowain Smith Double Sided Jerseys
    # 122 Aaron Stecker/Rahib Abdullad Double Sided Jerseys

    Playoff Honors
    # 216 Mike McMahon RC Serial Numbered 124/725 Game Used
    #226 Justin Smith RC Serial Numbered 169/725Game Used Patch 2- Color (Black and Orange)
    Rookie Tandems (Double Game Used Footballs)
    # RT6 Rudi Johnson/ Chad Johnson
    # RT8 James Jackson/Quincy Morgan
    # RT16 Justin Smith/Gerrard Warren
    # RT17 Dan Morgan/Andre Carter (Morgan has part of laces hole)
    Rookie Tandems (Double Game Used Jerseys)
    # RT7 Josh Heupel/Travis Minor

    Playoff Preferred
    # 212 David Terell RC Serial Numbered 330/600 Game Used (2- Color Football Black and Brown)
    # 219 Rod Gardner RC Serial Numbered 632/750 Game Used (2- Color Football Black and Brown)
    # 223 Lamont Jordan RC Serial Numbered 627/750 Game Used (2- Color Football Black and Brown has the Writing FOO out of football on the card)

    Press Pass
    # R30 Koren Robinson Serial Numbered 110/500
    -Kenyetta Walker
    -Ken-Yon Rambo

    Press Pass Signature Edition
    # RV6 Deuce McAllister

    Sage Hit
    # R30 Deuce McAllister Serial Numbered 333/500

    # 88 Peyton Manning Serial Numbered 105/429
    # 256 La’Rol Glover Serial Numbered 322/354
    Numbers Game
    # NG-27 LaDanian Tomlinson RC Serial Numbered 0371/2158
    # NG-34 Corey Dillon Serial Numbered 1263/1435
    Millenium Men
    # MM-11 Eddie George Serial Numbered 0933/1000
    # MM-20 Michael Bennett Serial Numbered 1128/1000

    Upper Deck Vintage
    # 204 Michael Vick RC


    # 7 Darrell Jackson Serial Numbered 002/250
    # 12 Jamal Lewis Serial Numbered 011/250

    Bowman’s Best
    # 152 Luke Staley RC Autographed Serial Numbered 193/199

    #272 Clinton Portis RC
    Fleer Mini’s
    # 217 Wayne Cherbet Serial Numbered 044/125

    Fleer Box Score
    Yard Markers
    Game Used Jersey Kordell Stewart

    Pacific Private Stock
    Game Used Jersey
    # 100 Marshall Faulk

    Playoff Contenders
    Rookie Samples
    #134 Jeremy Shockey SAMPLE (I have Seen these sell for $25-$50)

    Playoff Honors
    Rookie Tandems
    # RT-13 Tim Carter/ Josh Reed Game Used Football (Reed has laces hole )

    Playoff Piece of the Game
    Authentic Game Worn Jerseys
    # POG-16 Donovan McNabb
    # POG-37 Mark Brunell 1st Down Serial Numbered 021/250

    Private Stock Titanium Post Season
    # 54 DeShaun Foster RC Game Used Serial Numbered 121/435

    Final Score
    # 119 Travis Minor Serial Numbered 074/100
    # 301 Alex Brown RC Serial Numbered 326/400

    Topps Debut
    All-Star Material
    # AM-NH Napolean Harris Game Used

    Topps Gallery
    Gallery Originals
    # GO-RJ Ron Johnson Game Used (Has Two Slight Creases)

    Upper Deck Honor Roll
    #163 Freshman Football Ricky Williams RC Serial Numbered 0524/1375

    Upper Deck MVP
    MVP Souveniers Doubles
    # SD-BB Mark Brunell

    Upper Deck Piece Of History
    # 161 Marques Anderson RC Game Used Serial Numbered 0305/1500
    # 162 Ken-Yon Coleman RC Game Used Serial Numbered 0413/1500

    Donruss Classics
    # M-16 Walter Payton Serial Numbered 0174/1500

    Fleer Authentix
    Rookie Authentix
    # 115 Onterrio Smith RC Club Box Level Serial Numbered 059/100
    # 117 Terrance Newman RC Serial Numbered 0202/1250
    Ticket Studs
    # 4-TS Emmitt Smith

    Fleer Platinum
    # 38 Corey Bradford Serial Numbered 017/100
    # 122 Kurt Warner Serial Numbered 058/100
    Big Signs
    # 1-BS Donovan McNabb
    # 3-BS Ricky Williams
    # 5-BS Clinton Portis
    # 7-BS Jerry Rice
    # 10-BS Michael Vick
    Platinum Portraits
    # 12 PP Randy Moss
    # 13 PP Michael Vick
    Alma Materials (Game Used)
    # AM-JF Justin Fargas Game Used 2-Color Patch (Red and Yellow)
    Patch of Honor
    # PH-Bu Brian Urlacher Serial Numbered 087/220 Game Used 4 Color Patch (Orange , Blue , White and Orange)( Orange is on there twice at two different locations)

    Playoff Absolute Memorbilia
    # 144 Dennis Weathersby RC Serial Numbered 0783/1100

    # 276 Carson Palmer RC
    # 308 Teyo Johnson
    Monday Night Heroes
    # MN-2 Donovan McNabb
    # MN-12 Koy Detmer
    Numbers Game
    # NG-12 LaDanian Tomlinson Serial Numbered 0519/1683

    # 319 Lee Suggs RC
    # 366 Andre Woolfolk RC
    Record Breakers
    # RB-2 Brett Favre

    Upper Deck MVP
    Talk OF The Town
    # TT-20 Mark Brunell
    # TT-66 Terell Owens
    # TT-84 Eric Moulds

    Let me Know if you see anything

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    Mar 2003
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    SteelersRock2453--- what are you wanting to trade for? You listed some I like, but don't know what you are interested in. PLMK thanks

    Tarhells---I am checking you list now

    Hotsauce---I am also checking your site.

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    Mar 2003
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    tarheelsfan, did you want all those cards you listed? I didn't find much on your list I wanted. lmk

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