Nice Faulk Card On NAXCOM !!!!!!!!!!

2002 Fleer Maximum Playbook X's And O's Jersey #28/50 Marshall Faulk St. Louis Rams (Piece Of Authentic Game Used Jersey - Serial #D To 50 - Football Cards) NM - Near Mint or Better

This is the O's Jersey card #'d 28/50 "Marshall Faulks Jersey Number"! That makes this a 1/1 card.

Go to Naxcom Price Slash Exchange and search Foorball Jersey cards and it will come up for $30.00

The Bv on the card is $20.00 x2.5 for the O's Version. It's worth more than the Book Value because it's Faulks Jersey number!

I would like to buy this myself but i don't have the $ to spend right now so i just wanted to inform the group of my find and i think this would be a great card in someones Faulk collection.