well first of all... i wanan rant about my moutaineers :)

well first of all... lol... i heard on ABC that the only way they can win the big east title is if Pitt wins AND they are within 5 sports in the BCS of Pitt.. what kind of crap is that... they won it out right... IMO (if Miami loses) they almost beat Miami also lol... but ne way... WVU prolly had one of the best years in the big east, in the beginning of the year they couldnt finish a game.. but now in the long run and they have and proven that crushing pitt and VT and barely losing to miami .. so IMO they are the true Big East Champions.. also I cant wait till next year when Miami is gone... Pitt and WV will have great contests for the championship

i also ghve a rant on VT, they are the dumbest team i know... NOT STARTIGN VICK... i remember watching them a team i forgot and the announcer made a quote like VIck is defintely the QB for VTl, and man i loved how he played... he had a great arm (only one pass but it was great) i dont get why they dont put him in... andtoday they should have put him in when they were down... the announce even said... maybe VT will put vick in for a spark.. wow the signs are all there... Vick is def going to be just like his Bro... im routing for VT TO WIN THE ACC NEXT YEAR !!! lol

Topps Big EAst Players:

WR: Fitzgerald:
Wr: Henry (this guy got height.. in BC game WVU through the ball up to run the clock down... henry ends up catching it and buring all the DB's for TD)
TE: kellen winslow
RB: Quincy Wislon
RB: Jones
now for bkball

well i know they have 5 returning starters.. which is always good lol.. but i know of one of their freshmanm Tyler Relph, he played bkball here in Rochester, actually at hte catholic school across the street, the kid is damn good, in his first game i saw his stats and he went 2 for 6 from 3 point land (only fg shot) and 4 for 4 from the free thrwo line.,.. should be a good year for WVU bkball.. hopefully they can ruin SU's and Uconns hopes of another Big EAst championship