Ok..Now I'm doing ACTUAL grab bags. How it will work is this. The first charge is $.40 for 15 cards. After that the cards will be $.01 a card!!What I did was make these grab bags up,then tape them. So when the orders come in,what I'll be doing is folding them up in a brown paper bag,and putting them in an envolope and throwing a stamp on them. I just made sure you are getting the minimum # of cards. I didn't take notice to anything else. Just same sport,and 15 of them!! The shipping I stated stands for all orders UNDER $4,if you spend any more than that on these grab bags, I will mail them in a bubble mailer!! This is not for everybody to save up $$ for, just a way to take your pocket change at the end of the day and put it to good use!! So for $1 you are getting 75 cards!!
Also I still am doing the 600-700 cards for $5 plus shipping( based on where you live) if you seeing this for the first time!!
So if you saw my earlier post, and didn't want that many,then this is your chance!!
I am selling singles and sets on ebay,so when they're done, and I'm done with these cards on SCF, I'm taking them to a dealer and just negotiating a price with him!!
The more you buy, the more you save!!
E-mail-- hairston@rochester.rr.com
LMK guys!!