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    Nov 2003
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    Want To Trade For Insert Cards..

    I am looking to pick up any and all insert cards.. By Insert Cards I mean regular inserts and parallels not anything serial numbered..

    I am looking to trade all my Base, Rookies and #ed stuff for your Inserts and Parallels.. Please just tell me what you are looking for as far as players and sets or whatever and I will get you a list asap.

    I have no Inserts left so I need them asap.. I just sold all I had at a show in one huge lot for 150.00.. So if you dont wanna trade I will also buy them off you because I have another show coming up in 2 weeks so I wanna rebuild so that guy can buy them again cuz he told me he would be back..

    Please post a list or PM one to me.. It is a lot easier for me if you post or pm a list so I can print it out get the book values and then get you a list of the players or stuff your looking for so we can get a deal or trade underway asap..

    Please let me know asap.. Thanks Alot..

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    May 2003
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    I have tons...Do you happen to have any Andy Marte Cards?(Braves prospect)...


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    Jul 2003

    have 3 800ct boxes of inserts/parallels

    what do you have in football

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    Last edited by ICED CARDS; 12-07-2003 at 10:30 AM.

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    Nov 2003
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    See CardTrader24's Items on eBay

    cbethun1 -- No.. I do not have any Andy Marte Rookie Cards or any Certified Auto cards.. I have quite a few Game Used and lots of star base, some rookie stuff and quite a few serial numbered cards. I would really like to make a trade with you if you have a ton of Inserts like u said.. Please let me know what we can work out or what kind of other things you would be interested in asap..

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    Nov 2003
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    See CardTrader24's Items on eBay

    ICED CARDS -- I do not have a tradelist but I have a ton of Football stuff that is my major sport I do.. Please let me know what Inserts/Parallels you have or send a small list and let me know what football guys you would be interested in so I can send you a list of them guys asap..

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    May 2003
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    Well...Give me a list of Game used and I will get you a list together....


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    Jun 2003
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    See brj38464's Items on eBay

    i have these inserts. i am looking for rookies in baseball. or make me a price for them if interested.thanks billy

    football inserts


    brett favre proset mvp # mvp20

    walter payton upperdeck football heroes # 26

    thurman thomas ultra award winner # 5


    jeff george proline preview #2

    heath shuler classic 4 sport # bc2


    rick mirer fleer award winner # 2

    chris warren pacific # 8

    antonio langham fleer nfl prospect # 16 2 cards

    mario bates fleer nfl prospects #4 2 cards

    derek alexander fleer nfl prospects # 3

    junior seau playoff fantasy football # 3

    andre rison edge boss #24

    reggie white ultra achievment award #10

    nick lowery fleer scoring machine # 8

    drew bledsoe proline spotlight #pb12

    drew bledsoe ultra 2nd year standout # 2

    steve young fleer league leaders #10

    1995frank sanders classic roy # roy 14

    drew bledsoe flair preview # 20

    tamarick vanover classic rookie spotlight # rs10

    steve young upperdeck special edition # se89

    errick rhett ultra 2nd year standout # 10

    bam morris sportflix rolling thunder # 10

    joe montana flair preview # 15

    devin bush ultra 1st rounder # 15

    cris carter ultra ultra achievement # 2 gold meddallion

    marcus allen pacific g-force # gf1

    rashaan salaam sportflix rookie lightning #8

    stan humphries scoreboard nfl exp. # wc13

    andre rison collectors choice crash the game # c25

    andre reed proline probowl # pb 2

    kerry collins fleer nfl prospects # 6 3 cards

    errict rhett pcific hometown heroes # hh10

    thurman thomas proline game breakers # gb-24

    chris warren collectors edge crash the game # c11

    stan humphries collectors edge crash the game # c4

    marcus allen impact stars of the ozone #ip-21

    andre rison fleer aerial attack # 5

    charles johnson sp holoview # 12

    mario bates ultra 2nd year standout # 2


    gus frerotte/ deion sanders proline rivalries # r8

    jeff george / stan humphries playoff minis # 34

    reggie white stadium club contact print # cp10

    karim abdul-jabbar skybox same game more attitude # 1

    errict rhett ultra sledge hammer # 8

    tim grunhard unsung heroes # 22

    bryce paup proline cels # pc1

    keyshawn johnson skybox impact all rookie team # 5

    vince evans playoff unsung heroes # 20

    carl pickens upperdeck team trios # tt62

    carl pickens upperdeck probowl # pb18

    eric zeier playoff xs and os # 16

    junior seau screboard foundations # f14

    simeon rice scoreboard foundations # f16

    steve tasker playoff unsung heroes #29

    terry glenn ultra ultra rookies #11

    sam gash playoff unsung heroes #21

    keyshawn johnson collectors choice crash the game #cg19

    michael jackson playoff xs and os # 58


    jim plunkett upperdeck big game hunters # b7

    karim abdul-jabbar score the new breed # 8

    errick rhett upperdeck team mates # tm58

    terry glenn ultra specialist #2

    keyshawn johnson playoff primetargets # 9

    rob johnson playoff sharp shooters # 13

    collectors edge starquest

    dunn #sq29

    levens #sq41

    testaverde # sq34

    thomas #sq38

    sanders # sq1

    thomas #sq17

    anderson #sq2

    biakabutuka #sq36

    sanders # sq33

    antonio freeman playoff prime targets # 11

    terry allen collectors choice # st26

    dannt wuerffel playoff rookies # 14

    kevin hardy zenith rookie rising #22

    shawn springs ultra rookies # 4

    joey galloway edge fury #10

    napoleon kaufman edge force # 25

    keyshawn johnson ultra specialist # 17

    drew bledsoe edge ripped # 20

    97 presspass combine bob sapp #27

    danny wuerffel # 39

    marc edwards #35 2 cards

    sedrick shaw #31

    david lafleur # 25 2 cards

    jake reed upperdeck team mates # tm34

    drew bledsoe ultra blitzkrieg # 14

    drew bledsoe playoff 1st &10 kickoff # k105

    steve young upperdeck team mates # tm51

    orlando pace fleer prospects # 8

    keyshawn johnson fleer game breakers #13

    terrance mathis collectors choice turf champions # tc24

    warrick dunn playoff rookies #21

    will blackwell playoff rookies #18


    warrick dunn pacific personal best # 34

    drew bledsoe ultra main event # me4

    drew bledsoe ud choice starquest # sr02 with ryan leaf

    rob moore topps prime target #12

    tiki barber upperdeck define the game # dg6

    rod woodson topps measure of greatness #mg14

    joey galloway ultra rising stars # rs10

    yatil green ultra 1st rounders # fr8

    ike hilliard ultra 1st rounders #fr10


    randy moss mvp draw your own card #w17

    terry flair skybox premium year 2 #y2-2

    fred taylor topps 1200 yard club #am1

    akili smith hologrfx 24/7 # n9

    akili smith dominion gen next # gn-18

    keyshawn johnson hologrfx 24/7 #n8

    brock huard dominion gen next # gn10

    doug flutie absolute heroes # he6

    jon kitna ovation curtain calls #cc8

    mike cloud presspass hardware # hw9


    damon huard upperdeck headline heroes #hh2

    muhsinmuhammad upperdeck strike force #sf2

    darnay scott upperdeck proving ground # pg8

    tim couch ultimate victory crowning glory #cg4

    tim couch skybox skylines # sl1

    terrell davis dominion turfs up # t1

    steve beuerlein upperdeck wired # w12


    cris carter fleer throwbacks #tb15


    issac bruce / tim brown prestige league leaders #ll17

    ray lewis prestige inside the numbers #In28

    brett favre fleer platinum platinum portraits #pp1

    anthony thomas adrenaline driven #5

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    Looking for rookie cards in baseball football and hockey

    My trade list
    Hidden Content

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    Jun 2003
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    See brj38464's Items on eBay

    sorry these are football are you looking for baseball

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    May 2003
    SCF Rewards

    redzone...Here are a few that I found off right off the bat:

    1994 UD Next Generation Javy Lopez(Very Sweet Card)
    1997 Pinnacle Spellbound Larry Walker
    1999 UD Special Report Arms Race JD Drew
    2003 Leaf Hard Hats Tony Gwynn
    2003 Leaf Hard Hats Jeff Bagwell
    2003 Leaf Slick Leather Roberto Alomar
    2002 UD 40-Man Hitmakers Jose Vidro

    LMK if any of these or all of these interests you

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    Mar 2003
    SCF Rewards

    02 Donruss Red PressProof Ichiro #142 bv $16
    00 Topps Gold label End of the Rainbow #ER2 Corey Patterson bv?
    02 Fleer Headliners #8/20 Adam Dunn bv?
    02 Upper Deck The Chase to 755 #C6 Adam Dunn
    02 Fleer Hot Prospects Co-Stars #6/15 Adam Dunn/Pat Burrell
    99 Black Diamond Recirpocal die cut #115 Vernon Wells
    00 Bowman Chrome Rookie Class 2000 #RC4 Vernon Wells
    01 Ultra Tomorrow's Legends #2/15 J.D. Drew
    01 MVP Super Tools #ST8 J.D. Drew
    02 UD Heroes of Baseball #H JD9 Joe Dimaggio
    02 UD Heroes of Baseball #HH MM Mickey Mantle
    94 TOPPSGOLD Measure of Greatness #603 Wade Boggs
    99 Skybox Premium Diamond Debuts #9/15 bv $30
    02 Donruss Fan Club Die Cut #80 Manny Ramirez
    99 Omega EO Portraits #15 Tony Gwynn bv $20
    01 Upper Deck The Class of '36 Ty Cobb #C1
    01 Fleer Greats of the Game Retrospection Collection #3/10 Jimmie Foxx
    LMK about any of these. I have tons more if interested. I will trade lot for g-u or autos thanks

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