I have these for trade - looking for 2004 #D cards in return such as 04 topps gold, 04 donruss career/season stat lines and whatever other #D cards you have from 2004

2004 Ultra:
Ultra Performers Derek Jeter
Ultra Performers Hank Blalock
Ultra Performers Hideo Nomo
HR Kings Sammy Sosa
RBI Kings Albert Pujols - Holding for Brett incase he needs it

00 UD Pennant Driven Nomar Garciaparra
00 Stadium Club Bats of Brilliance Nomar Garciaparra
98 Fleer Tradition Golden Memories Nomar Garciaparra
00 Stadium Club Capture The Action Pedro Martinez
03 UD Superstars Keys To The City Pedro Martinez/Tom Brady
97 Donruss Counterparts Andruw Jones/Raul Mondesi
01 UD Big Fly Zone Chipper Jones
95 Score Summit Edition New Age Chipper Jones
02 Authentix Power Alley Jason Giambi
99 UD PowerDeck Auxillary Power Roger Clemens
03 Topps Record Breakers Hank Greenberg
03 Topps Record Breakers Willie Stargell
03 Topps Record Breakers Vladimir Guerrero
00 Stadium Club Diamond Pearls Sammy Sosa
02 Fleer Tradition Diamond Tributes Mike Piazza
94 Leaf Statistical Standouts Tony Gwynn