The only reason I am doing this is because trading has become terribly slow for Pirates cards I am looking to acquire. Here is the downlow! To order one or more e-mail me at

$10 with shipping included gets you 20-30 cards. In these cards is AT LEAST one game used or autograph. Other than that the cards are all at least Minor Stars, inserts, serial numbered, parallels. On top of this you will also receive a bonus "pack" with another 20-30 cards which will basically balance the bubble envelope out. In here there may be some commons but stars and inserts will also occur.


Now on to the other stuff! I WILL NOT PICK STUFF FOR PEOPLE BY TEAM! This is a random assortment! I have 50 of these made up now! At my www in my stuff for trade is a list of some stuff you will get. I hope you all enjoy this chance!