Any Cardinals fans that are willing to buy? I'm bailing out of the hobby and I have a TON of Cardinals cards. I have inserts, parallels, base cards, autographs, etc...

I have cards from 1991 Desert Shield, Stadium Club First Day, refractors, Fractal Matrix, Topps Gold, Gold Medallion, Museum Collection etc...The list goes on & on. The only cards that I am looking to sell are the special cards, I'll give you the base cards for FREE but only if we can make a deal for the others.

I do not have the time or the patience to list every card that I have. If you are looking for a certain Cardinals player or insert/parallel then let me know and I will get you a list of what I have but I am not going to list the base cards. There are way too many.

I have cards from the 70's-2003 and many team sets from the 70's on up. I have just about any Cardinals player.

Please do not make trade offers, I am only looking to sell and I do take Paypal. I will make you very good deals on whatever you need.

If anybody needs any other teams you can look at my site and see what I have on there. I will make you can't miss deals on those also. The Cardinals are not on there.

Thank you