I am looking for ANY of these cards((outside doubles in the same lot))

Heres the scoop... I really would love one huge lot of these cards and would use all my cc for the right amount of cards.. I dont care what they are.. any packers((what the heck even doubles here)) or cards of Chris chambers Jamar Fletcher and Brooks bollinger and possibly michael bennett would be great

LMK as to what we got.. Exact cards not needed as long as there are not to many doubles in the lot outside packers

I just wanna add that i probly wont go for the smaller lots again.. I just dont wanna put out the wrong emotions with people on replys

thnx again

EDIT.. this is just a 500 cc max now.. I am putting up to 75 on the badger bowl game soo it could also be 650 weeeeeee go badgers