Some ones I just won, It looks like im spending a rediculous amount of money because I've won so many auctions...but in reality im not spending too much because they're all averaging $.50-$10.00!!!.......THIS FIRST CARD IS SO INCREDIBLE OF A STEAL!!!!!!!
^^^All I can say for this one is....WOW!!!! #/20!!!!!!!!!! for only $8.50!?!??!?!?!AND ITS #1/20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
^^^Some people are crazy with shipping costs, I didnt notice the shipping cost when I bid :(.....Ill be sure to check next time!
^^^Bought 2 of these, At least 2 g/u, 2 autos, 2 ser# rookies, plus inserts/superstars!!!! Ill post what I get from it!