Alright I want to see if there is anyone interested in team lots...

Mavericks (5) : $1.25 shipped
Black Diamond Najera
Black Diamond LaFrentz
Black Diamond Finley
Black Diamond Jamison
MVP Finley

Grizzlies (10): $2.50 shipped
Black Diamond Gasol
Black Diamond Person
Black Diamond Battier
Black Diamond Miller
Black Diamond Wright
Bowman Chrome Miller
Bowman Chrome Williams
MVP Battier
MVP Silver Gasol
Bowman Williams

I have all 29 teams and do not want to list. If you are interested and have a team in mind, LMK and I'll get you a list. The cards will be from Black Diamond, MVP, Bowman and Authentix sets (all 2003-2004 sets). Lots will include RCs if I have them for the certain team, and the prices will be different as I have more cards for a team (but expect them to be between $1-$5 shipped).