this is for the lot listed below it bv's about 700+ dollars and i am loking to sell,i will sell cheap taking all offers...this lot will also include all the rc's listed below

1999/2000 Piazza Topps Tek Gold /10

2000 Piazza/Ventura Spx Winning Materials GU baseballs

2002 Piazza Box Score Amazing greats GU jsy

2002 Piazza Fleer Genuine Names of the Games GU jsy

1999 Piazza Ud MVP GU bat

2002 Piazza EX Begind the Numbers GU pants

2001 Piazza Leaf Rookies and Stars GU bat/jsy

2002 Piazza Fleer Platinum GU pants

2001 Piazza Donruss Classics Benchmarks GU bench

2002 Arod Fleer Maximum Maximum Power Bat

2002 Arod Fleer Genuine Genuine Leaders Jersey

2003 A. Ramirez Bazooka Blasts Bat

2001 Alomar Stadium Club All-Stars Jersey/3600

2001 Alomar Ud Centennial Jersey

2001 Benitez Private Stock Bat

2002 Cedeno Topps Ten Bat

2002 M. Vaughn Fleer Ex Game Essentials Jersey

2002 Burnitz Ovation Swatches Jersey

2001 Alfonzo Sp Game Used Edition Jersey

2001 Alomar Sp Game Used Edition Jersey

2002 Alomar Fleer Maximum Maximum Power Bat

2002 Delgado Fleer Ultra Hitting Machines Bat

2001 L. Gonzalez Sp Game Bat Milestone Editon Bat

2002 M. Ramirez Fleer Platinum Fence Busters Bat

2002 T. Hudson Fleer Platinum Clubhouse Collection

2003 Huff Bazooka Piece of America Jersey

2002 P. Martinez Fleer Genuine Genuine Leaders Jersey

2003 Tejada Topps 206 Jersey

2002 Delgado Ud Mvp Souvenir Jersey

2002 Nomo Fleer Genuine Genuine Leaders Jersey

2002 Helton Fleer Genuine Genuine Leaders Jersey

2003 Carter Leaf Certified Materials/50

2001 Pujols Fleer Platinum RC

1988 Glavine Topps Rc

2001 T. Perez Ud Rc

2003 J. Grifiths Bazooka Rc

1989 Griffey Donruss Rc

1989 Sheffield Donruss Rc

1989 Sheffield Topps Rc

1990 Walker Bowman Rc

1990 Thomas Bowman Rc

1990 Olerud Bowman Rc

1990 Alou Bowman Rc

1990 Gonzalez Bowman Rc

1991 Jordan Upperdeck Rc

1993 Delgado Upperdeck Rc

1997 Ordonez Fleer Ultra Rc

1996 Guerrero/Jones Topps Rc

1998 Sexson Select Rc

1998 Sexson Donruss Rc

1998 Wood Fleer Rc