03 Playoff Portraits
Torii Hunter/250
Brian Giles/250
Carlos Lee/100
Richard Hidalgo/100

03 Finite
Shawn Green/499
Garret Anderson/1999
Luis Gonzalez/1999
Larry Walker/1999
Jeff Bagwell/1999
Brent Mayne/1999
Hideo Nomo/1999
Mariano Rivera/1999 x2
Tino Martinez/1999
Andruw Jones/1599
Roberto Alomar/1599
Drew Henson/1299 RC

02 Topps Gold
Fernando Vina/2002
John Halama/2002
Terry Mulholland/2002
Brady Anderson/2002

02 Donruss Best of Fan CLub
Jose Canseco/2025
Larry Walker/2025

02 Fleer Maximum
Brian Jordan/316

01 Fleer Futures
Jose Ortiz/499

01 Fleer Platinum
Mark Derosa/201
Tony Womack Postseason Glory/201

00 SP Authentic
Superstars Pedro Martinez/2500
Superstars Ivan Rodriguez/2500

All cards for 1 dollar delivered at the most. The more you buy the cheaper it will be. Also i have many other rookies so if there is a certain team or player you can collect i can get you a list. LMK if you like any.