03 Ultimate Collection pulls----scans can be seen at "my scans" link in my sig. All are possibly for trade---"Nail"
I've been watching similar cards on ebay, and have set some trade values that I will be asking for. I will look at any offers, My main interest's are 97 Significant Sig, and HOF auto's---Thanks, "Nail"

Sosa jersey #d 04/75--($30)
Jose Contreras auto #d 248/250--($80)
D Willis patch (4 color) #d 04/25--($80)
Jose Reyes jersey #d 01/10--($100)** [due to the serial #]

Colin Porter #d 34/625
D J Carrasco #d 243/399
Alfredo Gonzalez #d 360/399
Geoff Geary #d 148/399

Base set:
Prior 561/850
Jerome Williams 746/850
Piazza 205/850---[TRADED]
Tim Hudson 747/850
Rocco Baldelli 83/850
Shane Reynolds 19/850
Rickey Henderson 202/850
Joe DiMaggio 826/850


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