lots of lowend stuff this week but there are some nice cards in there

98-99 Showcase Row 1 Grant Hill /1500

92-93 Ultra Alonzo Mourning
92-93 Stadium Club Alonzo Mourning
92-93 Skybox Alonzo Mourning
92-93 Hoops Alonzo Mourning
92-93 Upperdeck Alonzo Mourning
98-99 Ultra Al Harrington
98-99 Topps Draft Redemption Jason Williams!
98-99 Finest Michael Doleac
98-99 EX Raef Lafrenz
98-99 EX Al Harrington
99-00 Bowmans Best BP Elton Brand
99-00 Bowmans Best BP Lamar Odom
99-00 Bowmans Best BP Wally Sczerbiak
99-00 Bowmans Best BP Baron Davis
99-00 Bowmans Best BP Jason Terry
99-00 Hardcourt James Posey
99-00 Upperdeck Richard Hamilton
99-00 Upperdeck Kenny Thomas
01-02 Fleer Platinum Richard Jefferson
01-02 Fleer Platinum Michael Bradley
01-02 Fleer Platinum Vladimir Radmonivic
01-02 Xpectations Eddie Griffen
01-02 Xpectations Desanga Diop
01-02 Xpectations Sean Lampey
01-02 Topps Chrome Vladimir Radmonivic
01-02 Topps Chrome Eddie Griffen
01-02 Topps Chrome Steven Hunter
01-02 Topps Chrome Loren Woods
01-02 Topps Chrome Zeljko Rebracca
02-03 Fleer Platinum Mike Dunleavy Jr.
2003 UD Superstars Dixon/Ramsey
2003 UD Superstars Ming/Carr
2003 UD Superstars J Williams/Beltran

03-04 Showcase Amare Stoudemire #97 (SP)
and a ton of cheap $1-5 inserts im not going to list