Like baseball cards? Like searching through 30-50 year old baseball cards and finding the card you always wanted? Well, this lot is for you! I’m selling all my baseball inventory to make room and buy football cards. So you end up with a great deal! First, you’ll get 200 or so old vintage cards which consists of mostly Topps and some Bowman. These are mostly unsearched (haven’t got the time to search) but I did have some in my showcase, they were: 76’ George Brett, 70’ Reggie Jackson, 68’ Mickey Mantle, 66’ Whitey Ford, 67’ Steve Carlton, 80’ Ozzie Smith, 77’ Nolan Ryan. I know there are more Hall of Famers in the box. All the cards are in hard plastic top loaders and soft sleeves. Most cards are average and there are gem mints included. + You’ll get 500 or so loose cards which include some of the best players today. These also are mostly unsearched but just glancing at the cards I saw Sammy Sosa, Albert Pujols, Roger Clemens, Frank Thomas, Derek Jeter, Mark Prior cards. Cards are loose and are all in mint condition. + You’ll get Game used and autograph cards. Auto’s are: Jim Morris, Game Used: Josh Phelps, Don Mattingly, and Alex Rodriguez. All are in soft sleeves and mint condition. + You’ll get baseball books and information. These books include Beckett 2003 Price Guide and others. This is a great starter collection or a great addition. You’ll have hour of fun searching for baseball’s legends of today and yesterday! Shipping is $40 (lots of cards and books are heavy) + If you’re not 100% satisfied with your purchase, you can return for a complete refund within 14 days (not including shipping). As for the price, make me a reasonable offer . Thanks!