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    Oct 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See GOHALOS!!!'s Items on eBay


    CARDS FOR TRADE *=tough to get


    1996 best Jason Kendall
    1996 best Billy Koch
    1997 best Eric Chavez (2)
    1997 best Chad Hermansen
    1997 best Nelson Figueroa
    1997 best Braden Looper
    1998 team best poy Paul Konerko (5)
    1998 team best Brian Passini (2)
    1999 team best Mark Mulder
    1999 team best Robert Fick
    1999 topps Chipper Jones*
    1999 topps traded Corey Patterson*
    1999 topps traded Luke Prokopec
    2000 fleer tradition Carlos Beltran
    2000 fleer showcase sweet sigs Jay Buhner*
    2000 pacific revolution Brian Giles
    2000 team best Sean Burroughs
    2000 team best Marcus Giles
    2000 team best Ben Broussard
    2000 team best Jason Hart
    2001 bowman heritage Roger Clemens*
    2001 leaf r&s Elpidio Guzman
    2001 royal rookies Hank Blalock
    2001 royal rookies Chris Snelling
    2001 royal rookies Jose Castillo
    2001 royal rookies Aron Weston (2)
    2001 team best Matt Kinney (2)
    2001 team best Adam Dunn
    2001 team best Andrew Beinbrink
    2001 team best Richard Stahl
    2001 team best Jon Rauch (2)
    2001 team best Bud Smith
    2001 team topps legends Johnny Sain 1952
    2001 team topps legends Ralph Branca 1952
    2001 team topps legends Vern Law 1952
    2001 team topps legends Luis Apiricio 1956
    2001 team topps legends Herb Score 1956
    2001 team topps legends Don Larsen 1956
    2001 team topps legends Stan Musial 1958*
    2001 team topps legends Bob Gibson 1959*
    2001 team topps legends Enos Slaughter 1959
    2001 team topps legends Gil McDougald 1960
    2001 team topps legends Gaylord Perry 1962
    2001 team topps legends Mickey Lolich 1964
    2001 team topps legends Paul Blair 1965
    2001 team topps legends Luis Tiant 1965
    2001 team topps legends Jim Bunning 1965
    2001 team topps legends Fergie Jenkins 1966
    2001 team topps legends Moose Skowron 1967
    2001 team topps legends Goose Gossage 1973
    2001 team topps legends Carl Yastrzemski 1983 (sale pending)
    2001 team topps legends Vida Blue 1987
    2001 ud minor lg Joe Borchard #/100
    2002 bowmans best Jason Arnold (2)
    2002 bowmans best Jason Grove
    2002 bowmans best Kevin Deaton
    2002 bowmans best Justin Schuda
    2002 bowmans best Javier Colina
    2002 bowmans best Pete Zamora
    2002 bowmans best blue Pete Zamora
    2002 bowmans best blue Mauricio Lara
    2002 bowmans best blue Scott Hairston
    2002 bowmans best gold Ryan Snare #/50
    2002 donruss bofc Brandon Berger
    2002 donruss bofc Brad Voyles
    2002 fleer greats Dale Murphy (in hand)*
    2002 fleer greats Joe Morgan*
    2002 fleer greats Maury Wills
    2002 finest Brian Tallett
    2002 ud spa Xavier Nady
    2002 spx Ken Huckaby
    2002 spx Juan Brito
    2002 studio Eric Hinske #/250
    2002 studio Brad Penny #/80
    2002 topps Eric Valent
    2002 topps Brad Wilkerson
    2002 topps finest Mike Schmidt*
    2002 topps heritage Cristian Guzman
    2002 topps traded Moises Alou
    2002 ud minor lg Chad Tracy
    2002 ud minor lg Colt Griffin
    2002 ud minor lg JD Martin
    2002 ud prospect premieres Joe Saunders
    2002 ud prospect premieres Jeff Francis
    2002 ud usa Clint Everts #/375
    2002 ud usa Ben Diggins #/375
    2002 ud usa Justin Wayne #/375
    2002 ud usa Ryan Howard #/375
    2002 ud usa JJ Hardy #/375*
    2002 ud usa Bobby Crosby #/375*
    2002 ud usa Sean Burnett #/375
    2002 ud usa James Loney #/375
    2002 ud usa Jacque Jones #/375
    2002 ud usa Jason Stanford #/375
    2002 ud usa Phil Seibel #/375
    2002 ud usa Mike Gosling #/375
    2002 ud usa Koyie Hill #/375
    2002 ud usa Keoni DeRenne #/375
    2002 ud usa Zack Segovia #/375
    2002 ud usa Shane Nance #/375
    2002 ud usa Willie Bloomquist #/375
    2002 ud usa Lenny DiNardo #/375
    2002 ud usa Matt Holiday #/375
    2002 ud usa David Krynzel #/375
    2002 ud usa Matt Whitney #/375
    2002 ud usa Josh Bard #/375
    2002 ud usa Josh Karp #/375
    2002/3 justifiable Joe Blanton #/1000
    2002/3 justifiable Anthony Lerew #/1000
    2002/3 justifiable Brian Tallett #/1000
    2003 bowman's best Brian Mccann
    2003 donruss signature series Mike Sweeney #100/100
    2003 donruss signature series los Jack Morris*
    2003 donruss signature series los Bob Feller (2)
    2003 donruss signature series los Andre Dawson
    2003 donruss signature series tt notations Will Clark "89 mvp" #/52*
    2003 donruss signature series tt century Tom Glavine #/100*
    2003 leaf certified Andrew Brown #/400
    2003 leaf clubhouse sigs Kevin Mench
    2003 topps finest Ernie Banks*
    2003 topps pristine Rich Harden
    2003 topps total Marcus Thames
    2003 topps tribute Ben Francisco #/499
    2003 ud prospect premieres James D'Antona*
    2003 ud prospect premieres Matt Moses*
    2003 ud prospect premieres Ian Stewart*
    2003 ud usa Tyler Greene #/750 (2)
    2003 ud usa Brett Lillebridge #/750
    2003 ud usa Paul Janish #/750
    2003 ud usa Huston Street #/750
    2003 ud usa Mike Nickeas #/750
    2003 ud usa Steven Register #/750
    2003 ud usa Jeff Larish #/750 (2)
    2003 ud usa auto/jsy Justin Orenduff #/350
    2003 ud usa Danny Putnam #/250



    PSA 8(oc) 1977 topps Nolan Ryan
    PSA 8 1987 donruss the rookies Mark McGwire
    PSA 8 1987 donurss the rookies Rafael Palmeiro
    PSA 8 1987 donruss the rookies Greg Maddux (pending)
    PSA 9 1999 bowman chrome Kip Wells RC
    PSA 9 1999 topps chrome trd Corey Patterson RC (pending)
    PSA 9 2000 bowman chrome Barry Zito RC
    PSA 9 1994 bowmans best blue refractor Brad Fullmer RC
    BGS 9 1994 bowmans best Brad Fullmer RC
    BGS 8.5 2003 topps heritage chrome Franklin Gutierrez #/1954

    The following are part of my personal collection and are only available in the right deal...

    PSA 8 1977 topps Dale Murphy RC
    PSA 8 1982 topps Cal Ripken RC
    PSA 9 1987 fleer glossy Barry Bonds RC
    PSA 9 1989 ud Ken Griffey Jr RC
    PSA 9 1989 ud Randy Johnson RC


    2003 bazooka
    -J. Damon bat
    -R. Alomar bat
    -D. Brazelton jsy
    -C. Schilling jsy
    -J. Kent jsy

    -Mike Sweeny jsy
    -Miguel Tejada bat
    -Luis Gonzalez jsy

    Fleer Authentix
    -Chipper Jones bat

    Fleer trad
    -Kaz Sasaki jsy

    Fleer hardball
    -Randy Johnson (2)

    Topps Gallery Heritage
    -Hideo Nomo jsy

    Upper deck
    -Chad Cordero jsy

    Ud superstars
    -Aaron Brooks/Baron Davis w/stripe jsys

    2002 bowman
    -Josh Hamilton(2)jsy

    Donruss bofc
    -Chan ho Park #71/175 jsy
    -Eric Chavez #79/150 bat

    -Chipper Jones jsy

    Fleer authentix
    -Pedro jsy
    -R. Alomar jsy

    Fleer focus
    -Pedro jsy

    Fleer greats
    -P. Molitor (jays) jsy
    -Ted Kluzewski w/ slaughter bat

    -R. Dempster jsy

    Topps 206
    -Matt Williams jsy w/ stripe
    -L. Walker jsy
    -K. Lofton jsy

    Archives best years
    -Eddie Matthews stad seat

    -Maddux jsy

    Gold label
    -Gwynn jsy gold
    -Javy Lopez jsy titanium

    -R. Dempster jsy #/1000
    -Bret Boone jsy #/1000

    Topps ten
    -R. Palmeiro

    Dim. Connection
    -B. Giles bat #/775
    -M. Ramirez jsy #/775
    -M. Tejada bat #/775

    -J. Vidro jsy

    UD Rookie upd
    Usa future watch
    -Sam Fuld jsy
    -Rickie Weeks*
    -Conor Jackson*
    -Chad Cordero
    -Abe Alvarez
    Star tributes
    -Kaz Sasaki jsy
    -Kaz Ishii jsy
    -Chipper Jones jsy

    Sweet Spot Classics
    -Joe Carter jsy
    -Dave Parker bat

    Platinum rc ed
    -Bagwell jsy
    -P. loDuca jsy (2)

    Leaf r & s
    -M. Sweeney on deck circle

    Upper deck minor lg cen
    -Josh Hamilton bat
    -S. Burroughs bat
    -J. Borchard bat

    Prospect premieres
    -Steve Garvey bat
    -Jon Switzer/ Mike Gosling dual jsy

    Sp Game Used
    -Frank Thomas

    Sp game used Milestone ed
    -M. Ordonez
    -Frank Thomas(w/sox engraved)
    -Fred Mcgriff (w/29 engraved)
    -I. Rodriguez (2000 pog)


    Rocco Baldelli
    -2000 Bowman DP (2)

    Josh Barfield
    -2002 Bowmans Best Bat (2)
    -2002 Topps Gold #/2002
    -2002 Topps Chrome (3)

    Jason Bay
    -2002 Bowman Chrome SP
    -2002 Bowmans Best Bat

    Shane Costa
    -2002 SP Authentic USA FW #/1999

    Prince Fielder
    -2002 UD Minor Lg Draft Day Gem (3)

    Jeff Francouer
    -2002 Bowman DP
    -2002 Bowman Chrome DP
    -2002 UD Prospect Premieres Jsy

    Zach Grienke
    -2002 Bowman DP
    -2003 Bowman DP Future Fiber Jsy

    Scott Hairston
    -2002 Topps Pristine Refractor #/799
    -2002 Topps Pristine Unc. Refractor #/1999

    Rich Harden
    -2002 Topps Chrome (2)

    Jeremy Hermida
    -2002 Bowman Chrome DP
    -2002 UD Minor Lg Draft Day Gem

    Aaron Hill
    -2002 UD USA (5)
    -2002 UD USA Jsy #/475
    -2003 Bowman Chrome DP

    Conor Jackson
    -2002 UD RC Upd. USA Swatch
    -2002 UD USA (5)
    -2002 UD USA Jsy #/475

    Scott Kazmir
    -2002 UD Minor Lg Draft Day Gem (2)

    Adam Loewen
    -2003 Donruss Team Heroes

    Ramon Martinez (Nivar)
    -2003 Topps Heritage Chrome #/1954

    Joe Mauer
    -2001 UD Minor Lg
    -2002 Bowman
    -2002 Bowman Heritage
    -2002 Topps (2)
    -2002 Topps 206
    -2002 Topps Total
    -2002 Topps Chrome (2)
    -2003 Bowman DP Future Fiber Jsy

    Lastings Milledge
    -2003 UD Prospect Premieres Jsy

    Brad Nelson
    -2002 Bowman Chrome SP
    -2002 Topps Chrome Trd Refractor

    Juan Pierre
    -2000 UD Ultimate Victory #/3500

    Albert Pujols
    -2001 Fleer Tradition
    -2001 Fleer Ultra RC #/1499
    -2001 Fleer Platinum RC Ed.
    -2001 Fleer Platinum RC Ed. TL
    -2001 SPX GU Duo w/ Jim Edmonds

    Alexis Rios
    -2003 Bowman Chrome DP (2)
    -2003 Topps Heritage Chrome #/1954

    Grady Sizemore
    -2000 Bowman DP (2)

    Alfonso Soriano
    -1999 Topps Trd (4)
    -2000 UD Black Diamond

    BJ Upton
    -2002 Bowman DP RC
    -2002 Bowman Chrome DP

    Rickie Weeks
    -2002 UD RC Upd. USA Swatch
    -2002 UD USA (5)
    -2003 Leaf
    -2003 Donruss Team Heroes
    -2003 Donruss Champions

    Delmon Young
    -2003 Playoff Prestige
    -2003 UD Prospect Premieres

    Barry Zito
    -2000 Bowman Chrome
    -2000 Topps Chrome

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    Jun 2003
    See kylehess941's Items on eBay

    Which year is this card?

    EX Chipper Jones jersey

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    Jul 2003
    SCF Rewards

    i like you ernie banks auto

    I will trade you these 3 cards

    burnitz patch
    griffey jr jersey
    rondell white auto


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    Oct 2003
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    See GOHALOS!!!'s Items on eBay

    chipper-2002 ex

    cubfan-are you serious?!?!?

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    Jul 2003
    SCF Rewards

    what is that supposed to mean

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    Oct 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See GOHALOS!!!'s Items on eBay

    i'll have to pass. i am not going to trade an hof auto which books at $60 for a rondell white and a couple of gu. thx anyways!

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    Jan 2004
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    See scarceinserts's Items on eBay

    lmk if you can use anything www.beckett.com/userpages/tatis23.html

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    Oct 2003
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    See GOHALOS!!!'s Items on eBay

    this is the only thing of interest. lmk what you are looking for in return.

    97 Vladimir Guerrero Donruss Signature Autograph $25

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    May 2003
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    Im interested in-
    2002 ud usa JJ Hardy #/375
    2002 fleer greats Joe Morgan
    2003 topps pristine Rich Harden
    Rickie Weeks
    -2002 UD RC Upd. USA Swatch
    Rocco Baldelli
    -2000 Bowman DP

    Need any of these-
    Jim Edmonds- 03 Donruss Studio Player Collection Game-Used Jersey Card #’d 003/300-
    Barry Zito- 03 UD Mid-Summer Stars Swatches Game-Used Jersey Card-
    Hideo Nomo- 02 Playoff Piece of the Game Game-Used Jersey Card-
    Alfonso Soriano- 02 Fleer Tradition New York’s Finest Game-Used Jersey Card-
    Todd Helton- 02 Fleer Focus JE Materialistic-
    George Brett- 01 UD Hall of Famers Game Bat Card-
    Steve Carlton- 03 Flair Greats Cut of History Game Pants Card-
    Robin Yount- 02 SP Legendary Cuts Game Bat Card-
    Soriano- 03 topps pristine bomb squad jersey card w/ pinstripe
    Abraham Nunez- 01 Leaf Certified Materials Freshman fabrics game worn spikes card #’d 014/250
    Soriano- 03 Fleer Patchworks Numbers game game worn jersey card w/ pinstripe

    CERTIFIED AUTOGRAPHS-(all are autographs, even though all don't say that they are)
    00 UD Pros and Prospects Preston Wilson autographed Jersey Card-
    00 UD Pros and Prospects matt williams autographed jersey card w/ pinstripe
    99 team best Carlos Pena autograph
    98 SP Top Prospects Lance Berkman autograph
    01 Leaf Clubhouse Signatures Terrence Long autograph #’d 225/250
    00 Fleer Autographics Kevin Milwood
    02 Topps Jermaine Dye
    97 Donruss Signature Bobby Abreu Millennium Marks
    98 Team Best Troy Glaus
    01 SP Game Bat Milestone Jose Vidro autographed bat card
    99 UD MVP Richard Hidalgo autograph
    00 SP Authentic Buyback Greg Vaughn autograph card #’d 045/113
    02 Fleer Hot Prospects Jerseygraphs Jose Vidro autographed jersey card
    97 Donruss Signature Luis Castillo autograph
    01 Fleer Autographics Silver Eric Chavez #’d 178/250
    02 Playoff Absolute Memorabilia Paul Lo Duca autograph
    00 Bowman Choo Freeman-
    00 Fleer Tradition Fresh Ink Chris Singleton-
    00 SP Authentic Chirography Ben Petrick-
    00 Pacific Crown Royale Sweet spot auto Ben Petrick-
    00 Team Best Cesar Izturis-
    98 SP Top Prospects Kris Benson-
    97 Best Brian Meadows-
    95 Signature Draft Picks Ben Grieve-
    01 Team Best Andrew Beinbrink-
    99 Bowman Cole Liniak-
    01 Fleer Autographics Alex Sanchez-
    96 Leaf Signature Silver Jose Vizcaino-
    00 Bowman Juan Salas-
    96 Leaf Signature Mike Williams-

    Also, LMK which players' you collect, so i can look to see if i have any rc's of them, otherwise i'll just send my list of RC's too.


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    Oct 2003
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    See GOHALOS!!!'s Items on eBay

    didn't see anything i could use. thx anyways!

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