For anyone that is interested I have a 2001 Fleer Platinum Mark Prior BGS 9 for sale. The subgrades are 9, 9, 9, and 8.5. I looked on Yahoo and the last BGS 9 that sold went for $30.30 after shipping. Then there were 2 PSA 9's that went for $29 and $21 after shipping. The average of those 3 comes out to about $27 with the highest being the BGS 9 which is what I have.

I've also included a scan of the card below. The vertical white lines at the top of the card are from the scanner and are not on the card.

I'd be willing to sell it for $27 dlvd. It would be shipped USPS first class mail in a bubble mailer upon receipt of funds (I accept PayPal, Yahoo PayDirect, and Visa, MC, and Discover by phone if you'd like to have it shipped quickly). I also accept personal checks (5 business day hold), money orders, and cashier's checks.