Maybe I should have put this in this Forum instead of chit-chat.

Well, I had a great time!
It was like the FanFest and the National. If you haven't been to one of these, I highly suggest you do so in the future.
I had to park 10 blocks away each day and got plenty of exercise to say the least. People were everywhere!

I arrived there early each day this weekend and headed to get the McFarlane figures 1st. I was surprised that they didn't mark the ticket and that allowed some people to go back for seconds. I waited too long each day before going back (2 - 3 hours) and then they were all gone for that day. These figures are already accounted for to people on this forum, so trades aren't available.

Fleer had their spinning wheel and I went through each day and had no luck. A pack and 2 small inserts.

Upper Deck gave out SPX Football and I have several of those singles for people who want to work on that set (no inserts). They also gave away a 3 card uncut sheet of SP Authentic. I have several different ones of these. I also busted a box of SP Authenic for the redemptions and still need #63 (Peerless Price) for my set. I'll trade for that. I have several extras. Nothing special came out of the box although I did get a Bethel Johnson 4 color Patch.

Topps gave out junk again (Topps Total). I did bust a box of Topps Chrome for the redemption if any one need some singles. (no inserts for trade).

Donruss gave out Contenders and Hog Heaven but not much.
I busted a box of Contenders for the redemptions and still need #62 (Randy Moss and 79 T.J. Duckett) for my set. I have extras for a trade. They also gave me a Hog teeshirt. Highlight of this box was a Boldin Playoff Ticket #13/30.

Then, other stuff was getting Ahman Green and Carson Palmer's autograph. There were long lines for each. But it was free and I was happy.
I also got a box of Fleer Rookies & Greats and that was a lot of fun. Lots of inserts but nothing great to mention. I did get a base set and have extras if someone needs some for a set.

There was much more but my memory is slurred by the beer that was in everyones hands everywhere.