I have the following baseball cards that I am willing to trade for Yzerman hockey:

1989 Donruss #43 the rookies Randy Johnson (MGS gem mint 10)

2003 Fleer double header Mark Grace GU jersey (white w/blue stripe)

2002 Fleer tradition New yorks finest Roberto Alomar (jersey white) with Soriano (other side no jersey)

2000 UD legendary lumber #CK-LL Charlie Keller GU bat (wood)

2002 UD game-worn gems #G-RA Roberto Alomar GW pants (grey)

2002 Topps popular demand #PD-LW Larry Walker GU jersey (dark blue) numbered 0528/1000

2002 Topps reprint relic #TUR-SA Sparky Anderson game worn jersey (grey)

2001 private stock #154 Jay Buhner game worn jersey (white)

2002 Topps pristine portions #PP-CD Carlos Delgado game worn jersey (white)

2002 Fleer skybox (this day in history)Derek Jeter game worn pants (grey)