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Michael Bennett 2003 SP Game Used Edition

Peyton Manning 2003 Fleer Platinum "Alma Materials" BV:$20.00

Antonio Bryant Leaf Certified Materials "Certified Potential" #D122/125

Freddie Milons 2002 Topps Debut "all-star Material" BV:$15

Joel Makovicka 2002 Pacific Atomic jersey #D61/100

Tony Dorsett 2003 Donruss Elite "Throwback Threads" #D204/250 BV:$30.00

Terrell Owens 2002 Pacific Jersey

Emmitt Smith 2003 Fleer Platinum "Patch of Honor" #D186/220 BV:$50.00

Laveranues Coles 2000 Fleer Autographics

Kliff Klinsbury 2003 Sage autographs red #D520/675 BV:$8.00

Brett Favre 2002 Pacific Adrealine Jersey

Brett Favre 2003 "Ticket Studs" Jersey BV:$25

Ladanian Tomlinson 2003 Topps Pristine "Driving Force" Jersey

Ladanian Tomlinson 2002 Platinum Portraits Jersey

Ladanian Tomlinson 2002 Ultra "San Diego Bound" Jersey

Ladanian Tomlinson 2003 Donruss Elite ":Masks of Steel" GU Facemask

Ladanian Tomlinson 2002 UD "Kick Off Classics" Jersey

Ladanian Tomlinson 2003 Fleer Sweet Stitches jersey #D819/899


Michael Pietrus 2003 Fleer tradition "Throwback threads" Jersey

Dirk Nowitzki 2003 Fleer Ultra "Leaps and Bounds" Jersey

Quentin Richardson 2002 Stadium Club "Frequent Flyers" GU Shorts #D181/350

Baron Davis 2001 Fleer Platinum "National Patch Time" Jersey

Joe Smith 2002 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Jersey

Joe Smith 1996 Skybox autographics auto

Tim Duncan 2002 Topps "Slam Duncan" jersey

Tim Duncan 2003 Topps "Love It Live Relics" Jersey

Michael Finley 2002 Topps Jersey Edition Jersey

J Stockton/K Malone 2003 UD MVP "Combo Materials" shooting shirt BV:$30.00

Chris Wilcox 2003 UD Game jersey

Rashard Lewis 2003 SP Game Used Edition

Tracy McGrady 2003 Bowman Rookies and Stars "Rookie Recall" Jersey BV:$20.00

Darrell Armstrong 2002 SP Game Used Edition Jersey

Vin Baker 2000 UD Game Jersey


Rickie Weeks 2003 Upper Deck "Star Spangled Swatch" Pants

Scott Moore 2002 Upper Deck Prospect Premiers Auto

Richie Sexson 2001 Bowman Rookie Game used jersey relic

Jose Vidore 2002 Playoff Piece of the game jersey

Manny Ramirez 2002 Fleer Triple Crown "rbi kings" Game Bat BV:$15.00

Angel Pena 1999 Skybox Autographics

Shea Hillinbrand 1999 UD MVP Prosign BV:$20.00

Matt Wheatland 2000 Bowman Rookie Autograph

Omar Daal 2002 UD "The peoples choice" jersey

Steve Garvey 2002 Upper Deck Piece Of History "Tape Measure Hero's" Jersey

Lenny Dinardo 2002 Bowmans Best RC Auto