Any fans of the New York teams on here? I do mostly bulk team trades, but havent done any trades for these teams in a long time, and they are taking up too much space in my trade boxes, so I really need to clear them out. If anyone collects these teams and would be interested in doing a bulk trade, please let me know.

I dont want to have to look at or make lists, but I'll get you a breakdown of what I've got for you (inserts, rookies, and base cards). I wont send you any duplicates, and would appreciate the same. I'll be sending you everything I have for that team, nothing held back (except jerseys and autos, though if you want to trade for those as well I'd be happy to).

I collect the following...
Titans & Seahawks (including cards ofr current or former players from other teams they played with)
Middle Tennessee State alumni in any uniform
Washington Huskies, Wash St Cougars, or Tennesee Vols in college uniform only
any cards of Fred Lane (former Panthers RB)

Thanks, Darrin