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Thread: Trade List

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    Nov 2003
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    Trade List

    Hello, I would prefer to trade these for baseball, which is my main interest, but will consider all offers. LMK if you see anything you like. Need to unload these.

    90-91 Skybox Gary Payton #365 BV5
    92-93 Stadium Club Beam Team Scottie Pippen #5 BV12
    93-94 Topps Black Gold Anfernee Hardaway #16 BV6
    95 Classic Kevin Garnett #IE Instant Energy BV5
    94-95 Embossed Grant Hill #103 BV4
    94-95 Ultra David Robinson Defensive Gems #5 BV8
    94-95 Upper Deck Shaq Special Edition #152 BV4
    95-96 Fleer Franchise futures Anfernee Hardaway #2 BV6
    95-96 Ultra Gold Medallion Brian Grant #155 BV5
    95-96 Ultra Rising Star Glenn Robinson #7 BV8
    95-96 Ultra Gold Medallion All-NBA Karl Malone #2 BV8
    95-96 Ultra Gold Medallion All-NBA Anfernee Hardaway #1 BV6
    95-96 Ultra All-NBA Shaq #8 BV5
    95-96 Ultra Double Trouble Anfernee Hardaway Gold Medallion #2 BV4
    95-96 Upper Deck Jerry Stackhouse #133 BV5
    95-96 Upper Deck All-Star Class Dan Majerle #14 BV6
    95-96 Metal Michael Finley Tempered Steel #3 BV6
    95-96 Metal Jerry Stackhouse #179 BV2.50
    95-96 Metal Kevin Garnett #167 BV4
    95-96 Topps Mitch Richmand Pan for Gold #13 BV5
    95-96 Topps Scottie Pippen Top Flight #6 BV8
    96-97 Collector’s Choice Lakers Kobe Bryant #LA2 BV8
    96-97 Collector’s Choice Lakers Bryant, Campbell, Fisher #LA1 BV5
    96-97 Collector’s Choice Lakers Eddie Jones #LA5 BV1
    96-97 Collector’s Choice Lakers Shaquille O’Neal #LA7 BV3
    96-97 Collector’s Choice Lakers Shaq, Van Exel, Jones, #L2 BV2
    96-97 Fleer Shaq Stackhouse’s All-Fleer #9 BV4
    96-97 Topps Scottie Pippen ProFiles #9 BV2.50
    96-97 Topps Holding Court Shaquille O’Neal #10 BV 12
    96-97 Topps Holding Court Grant Hill #4 BV5
    97-98 Collector’s Choice Allen Iverson Star Attractions #SA9 BV4
    97-98 Collector’s Choice Karl Maline Star Attractions #SA3 BV1
    97-98 Topps Kobe Bryant #171 BV2
    98-99 Skybox Premium Kobe Bryant #44 BV3

    99-00 Topps Jason Terry #111 BV2
    99-00 Topps Allen Iverson #66 BV1
    99-00 Upper Deck Adrian Griffin #343 BV1.50
    00-01 Upper Deck e-card Anfernee Hardaway #EC3 BV1.50
    00-01 Fleer Futures Darius Miles Question Air #6 BV2.50
    00-01 Fleer Futeres Lamar Odom Characteristics #3 BV2
    00-01 Fleer Tradition Scottie Pippen Hardcourt Classics #12 BV1.50
    00-01 Fleer Tradition Vince Carter #44 BV1.25
    00-01 Fleer Tradtion Glossy Jason Kidd Game Breakers #4 BV3
    00-01 Fleer Triple Crown Lamar Odom Scoring Menace #7 BV2
    00-01 Ultra Quentin Richardson #219 1686/2999 BV6
    01-02 Topps Pristine Desagana Diop #78 BV5
    01-02 Topps Pristine Troy Murphy #85 BV8
    01-02 Topps Pristine Tony Parker #108 BV12
    01-02 Topps Pristine Zach Randolph #87 BV10
    01-02 Topps Pristine Kobe Bryant #30 BV10
    01-02 Topps Pristine Jason Terry #29 BV2.50
    01-02 Topps Pristine Grant Hill #37 BV2.50
    01-02 Topps Pristine Rasheed Wallace #11 BV2.50
    01-02 Topps Pristine Antoine Walker #8 BV2.50
    01-02 Topps Pristine Allan Houston #16 BV1.50
    01-02 Topps Pristine David Robinson #9 BV2.50
    01-02 Topps Pristine Eddie Griffin Refractor #51 BV12
    01-02 Topps Pristine Rodney White Refractor #66 BV12
    01-02 Upper Deck Alonzo Mourning #436 BV1
    01-02 Upper Deck Jarron Collins #396 BV1
    01-02 Upper Deck Jason Richardson #274 BV4
    01-02 Upper Deck Tony Parker #376 BV5
    02-03 Topps Allen Iverson #3 BV1
    02-03 Topps Sam Clancy #211 BV1.25
    02-03 Topps Tayshaun Prince #207 BV2.50
    02-03 Topps Xpectations Frank Williams #124 BV2.50
    02-03 Topps Xpectations Matt Barnes #129 BV2.50
    02-03 Topps Xpectations Rasual Butler #130 BV2.50
    02-03 Topps Xpectations Tyson Chandler #65 Parallel BV1
    02-03 Topps Xpectations Allen Iverson #155 Parallel BV2.50

    03-04 Ultra Steve Francis #85 BV1
    03-04 Ultra Tim Ducan #59 BV1.50
    03-04 Ultra Dirk Nowitizki #84 BV1.25
    03-04 Ultra David West #187 BV4
    03-04 Ultra Gold Medallion David West #187 BV8
    03-04 Ultra Mike Miller #38 Gold Medallion BV1.25
    03-04 Ultra Ray Allen Roundball #16 BV2.50
    03-04 Upper Deck Shaquille O’Neal Air Academy #AA5 BV3
    03-04 Upper Deck Darko Milicic Air Academy #AA28 BV3
    03-04 Standing O Michael Jordan #9 BV5
    03-04 Standing O Joe Smith Die Cut #43 BV1
    03-04 Standing O Caron Butler Die Cut #41 BV1.50
    03-04 Standing O Shawn Marion Die Cut #63 BV1.50
    03-04 Standing O Yao Ming Die Cut #25 BV4
    03-04 Standing O Kendrick Perkins #111 BV4
    03-04 Upper Deck Troy Bell #316 BV3
    03-04 Upper Deck Kevin Garnett #154 BV1.50
    03-04 Upper Deck LeBron’s Diary #LJ8 BV3
    03-04 Upper Deck LeBron’s Diary #LJ14 BV3


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    Feb 2004

    I got baseball autographs.
    Christa Campbell-$17
    Sharon Gless-$10
    Tom Green-$15
    Sascha Knopf-$20
    Monet Mazur-$17
    Christiane Amanpour-$22
    William Baldwin-$15
    Tyson Beckford-$10
    Ivana Milicevic-$7
    Shana Moakler-$20
    Jay Mohr-$10
    Jodi Lyn O'KLeefe-$30
    Wesley Snipes-$30
    Leon Spinks-$25 (defeated Muhammad Ali)
    Scott Caan-$10
    Baby Face-$10
    Al Snow-$10
    Yancey Arias-$5
    Lance Bass-$7
    Drew Carey-$5
    Larry King-$5
    LL Cool J-$6
    Mark McGrath-$10
    Regis Philbin-$7
    Regis and Kathie Lee-$10
    Ray Romano-$20
    Steven Seagal-$17
    John Travolta-$15
    Enrique Iglesias-$15
    Jennifer Lopez-$35
    Mandy Moore-$25
    Ja Rule-$25
    Kylie Bax-$15
    Ray J-$7
    Vanna White-$10
    Marley Shelton-$10
    Tim Allen-27
    Phil Brown-$14
    Lisa Dergen-$30
    Fred Durst-$20
    Lauren German-$14
    Geri Halliwell-$25
    Julio Iglesias-25
    Jean Claude Van Damme-30
    Scarlett Johansson-16
    Barbara Leigh-$15
    Jaime Pressly-27
    Leann Rimes-$25
    Chris Rock-$20
    Jessica Simpson-30
    Robin Williams-30
    Oscar De La Hoya-35

    Hockey Autos
    Chris Beech
    Sergei Zholtok
    Stephanie Richer
    Robert Lang
    Janne Laukkanan
    Ville Nieminen
    Jim Dowd
    Serge Aubin
    Jiri Slegr
    Turner Stevenson
    Randy Robitaille Andrew Ference
    Alexander Selivanov
    Daren Puppa
    Bob Carpenter
    Cory Stillman
    Jan Bulis
    Primoz Brezec Trading Card Autograph Rookie Card
    8x10 color photo of Rene Corbert with COA
    8x10 color photo of Victor Kozlov with COA

    Terrell Owens 8x10 color COA
    Steve McNair 8x10 color COA
    Ray Lewis 8x10 Color COA
    Jeff Garcia 8x10 Color COA
    Jaquez Green 8x10 Color COA
    D Ward 8x10 color COA
    Ellis Wyms S/B XXXVIIChamps Signed 8x10w/coa (SUPERBOWL)
    Julius Jones ND Signed 8x10 w/coa
    Dwight Smith S/B Champ BUCS Signed 8x10w/coa (SUPERBOWL)
    Gino Marchetti Signed 8x10 W/COA
    Travis StephensTenn Vols Signed 8x10
    Jack Youngblood HOF 01 signed 8x10 w/coa +snap
    Stacey Augmon signed 8x10 photo w/coa
    Dexter Jackson Signed IN PERSON 8x10w/coa +
    Keenan McCardell signed 8x10 w/coa

    Trading Cards Football (Willing to sell all in a lot)
    Damien Anderson Autograph
    Adrian Murrell Autograph
    Donald Reche Caldwell Autograph
    Brian Poli Dixon Autograph
    J.R.Redmond Trading Card Autograph
    Chris Weinke Trading Card Autograph
    Brian Allen Trading Card Autograph
    Blake Brockermeyer Trading Card Autograph
    1995 Jeff Graham Trading Card Autograph
    99 ADRIAN-DINGLE Trading Card Autograph
    03 STEVE-SCIULLO Trading Card Autograph
    03 ANGELO-CROWELL Trading Card Autograph
    02 Donald RECHE-CALDWELL Trading Card Autograph
    02 BRIAN-POLI-DIXON Trading Card Autograph
    00 TREVOR-GAYLOR Trading Card Autograph

    Baseball trading cards autographed (Willing to sell all in a lot)
    03 DOUG-GREDVIG Trading Card Autograph
    1999 Casey Burns Trading Card Autograph
    1999 Jay Gehrke Trading Card Autograph
    1999 Matt Wise Trading Card Autograph
    1999 Mike Paradis Trading Card Autograph
    Juan Melo Trading Card Autograph Rookie Card
    8x10 Color Tony Clark Autograph

    Basketball autographs (Willing to sell all in a lot)
    Kobe Bryant 8x10 COA with Holo
    Corey Blount SIXERS Signed 8x10 w/coa
    Stacey Augmon signed 8x10 photo w/coa
    Abdur Rahim Trading Card Autograph
    Don MacLean Trading Card Autograph
    Kendall Gill Trading Card Autograph Rookie Card
    Kobe Bryant Trading Card Autograph
    Lee Nailon Trading Card Autograph Rookie Card
    Sam Mitchell Trading Card Autograph
    Sharone Wright Trading Card Autograph
    Steve Smith Trading Card Autograph
    Thurl Bailey Trading Card Autograph
    Carlos Boozer Trading Card Autograph
    Darius Songalia Trading Card Autograph
    Brent Price Trading Card Autograph
    Anthony Parker Trading Card Autograph
    Antoine Gillespie Trading Card Autograph

    Golf Autographs... (Willing to sell all in a lot)
    $2.50 a piece for each.
    George Lanning
    Larry Mowery
    Bill Rogers
    Bob Estes
    Joe Jimenez
    John Mahaffey
    Leonard Thompson
    Rives McBee
    Bobby Nichols
    Mike Reid
    Steve Elkington
    Gary McCord
    Howard Twitty
    Doug Tewell
    Kirk Triplett
    Wayne Levi
    Mike Hill
    E.J. PFister
    Tim Simpson
    Dan Foresman
    Howard Twitty
    Doug Tewell.
    Jess Daley

    Racing…$2.50 a piece for each
    Robby Gordon Autograph
    Travis Kvapil Autograph

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