LMK what you like...I prefer a list rather than a site, as I will get back to you faster...but either will be fine


2001 SP Game-Used Edition Authentic Fabric Fred McGriff (with stripe). BV: $15.00 (Asking $20.00)

2002 Upper Deck AL Centennial Memorabilia Pedro Martinez. BV: $15.00

2002 Fleer MLB Hot Prospects Alex Rodriguez. BV: $15.00 (Small crease, looking for BV: $10.00)

2002 Topps Gold Label MLB Awards Ceremony Relics Titanium Tim Raines. BV: $25.00


2001 Leaf Limited Lumber Manny Ramirez #d 416/500. BV: $8.00 (Asking $10.00)

2003 Playoff Piece of the Game Bronze Albert Pujols #d 042/150.

2004 Leaf Picture Perfect Bats Albert Pujols.

2004 Leaf "Away" Game-Worn Jersey Albert Pujols.


2002 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Ultimate Signatures Gary Sheffield #d 05/24. BV: ??? (Guessing $150.00)

2003 Scott Rolen SP Authentic Chirography 235/345. BV: $40.00


2000-2001 Fleer Feel the Game Lamar Odom. BV: $20.00

2001-2002 Upper Deck Ovation Superstar Warm-Ups Michael Finley. BV: $15.00

2001-2002 Upper Deck Playmakers PC Shooting Shirt Gold Michael Finley. BV: $30.00

2001-2002 Topps TCC Challenging the Champ Stephon Marbury. BV: $15.00

2001-2002 Upper Deck Inspirations Hardwood Imagery Combo Stephon Marbury/Shawn Marion. BV: $15.00

2001-2002 Fleer Showcase Best of the West Game Used Warm-Up Elton Brand. BV: $15.00

2001-2002 Upper Deck Sweet Shot Game Jerseys Jason Terry. BV: $15.00

2002-2003 SPx Winning Combos Shawn Marion/Stephon Marbury. BV: $20.00

2002-2003 Flair Court Kings Game Used Antoine Walker. BV: $12.00

2003-2004 SP Game Used Jersey Drew Gooden. BV: $12.00

2003-2004 Upper Deck All-Star Weekend Authentics Jersey Drew Gooden. BV: $12.00

2003-2004 Upper Deck Shooting Stars Jerseys Toni Kukoc . BV: $12.00

Football Jerseys:

2001 Fleer Focus Rookie Premiere Jersey Shirts and Skins Koren Robinson (Jersey+Ball). BV: $40.00

2003 Bowman Fabric of the Future Anquan Boldin. BV: $15.00

Football Autographs:

2001 Fleer Tradition Autographics Torry Holt. BV: $20.00 (incoming)

2002 Sage Auto Gold RC Joey Harrington #d 216/215. BV: $60.00

2003 SP Signature Autographs Blue Ink Quentin Griffin. BV: $25.00 (incoming)

2003 Bowman Signs of the Future Quentin Griffin. BV: $20.00 (incoming)

2003 SPx Supreme Signatures Aaron Brooks. BV: $20.00 (incoming)

2003 SP Signature Autographs Black Ink Chad Pennington. BV: $50.00