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Thread: Tradelist

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    Looking for Roy and Brodeur GU and AU as well as interesting goalie cards.

    02-03 SPGU Rainbow Cujo #/10
    02 Signature Series Brian Boucher Emblem #/10 (incoming)
    02 BAP Ultimate Nameplates Iginla BGS 8 3 Color
    02 BAP Ultimate Nameplates Rob Blake BGS 8.5 2 Color
    01-02 Parkhurst 500 Goal Scorers Jari Kurri Jersey
    02-03 YS Volchenkov Patch #/50 (red)
    02-03 Parkie Retro Mini Hainsey and Hall
    02-03 Titanium Ret. Blue Sviitov and Kobasew
    BGS 8 01-02 Premier Collection Lukas Krajicek (1/1, only BGS 8 in existence)
    02-03 Private Stock Simon Gagne Patch #/200
    01-02 BTP Goalie Gear Roman Turek (green w/ stitching)
    02-03 YS Brian Sutherby Jersey
    01-02 Mask Collection Gold #/50 Nabokov
    01-02 Top Shelf RC Raffi Torres
    02-03 Parkhurst Cody Rudkowsky RC #/100
    02-03 Parkhurst Alex Svitov RC #/50
    02-03 UD Piece of Hsitory Forsberg Awards Colelction
    02-03 Atomic Teemu Selanne Cold Fusion
    02-03 Heritage Kurt Saer and Lasse Pirjeta RCs
    02-03 Pacifc Private Stock Tom Koivisto Retail RC
    01-02 Victory Erik Cole
    01-02 Parkhurst Milestones ($50 version) Curtis Joseph
    02-03 Private Stock Class Act Zetterberg
    01-02 SPX Rookie Redemption Shane Edicott (penns R24)
    02-03 Top Shelf RCS: (1250) Lasse Pirjeta, Kurt Sauer,Micki Dupont, Volchenkov, Hainsey
    02-03 Titanium Segei Vahrlamov Patch #/250
    02-03 Private Stock Jason Arnott Jersey (red #/50)
    02-03 Private Stock In Crease Secutiry: Irbe, Thibault, Denis, Luongo, Potvin, Theodore, Osgood, Nabokov
    02-03 Private Stock Blue Lecavalier, Turco, Gonchar, Leclair, Greg Johnson, Time Connolly
    02-03 Private Stock Red Brian Rolston
    01-02 Honor Roll Freshman Class Ivan Ciernik and Justin Kurtz (Canuck)
    01-02 Chrome Scott Stevens, Ryan Smyth Refractor
    01-02 Chrome Martin Erat RC
    02-03 Artistic Impressions Owen Nolan, Johan Hedberg Beckett Promo
    01-02 Titanium Draft Day Maxim Kuznetsov RC
    01-02 SPX Blake Bellefeuille RC (Jackets)
    01-02 UD Ice John Erskine RC
    01-02 UD Top Shelf Martin Spanhel RC 900 (Blue Jackets)
    01-02 UD Ice David Ling #/1000 RC (Blue Jackets)
    99-00 Topps ChromePavel Brendl RC
    98-99 SP Authentic Marty Reasoner Future Watch RC
    00-01 Titanium Draft Day Adam Mair
    03 UD 1st class jersey Jagr
    96-97 Select Certified Mirror Blue Jagr
    02-03 Pacific Fleury Jersey
    02-03 Heritage Svitov RC
    98/99 BAP Signature Series Gretzky Milestones
    01-02 Mask Colelction Gold Byron Dafoe Manning the Nets #/50
    02-03 SPX Mats Sundin Spectrum #/199
    01-02 Spx Mathieu Darche RC jersey #/800
    01-02 CHL Prospects Pavel Brendl Jersey
    00-01 Titanium Wayne Premeau 6 Color shift patch
    00-02 Stadium Clum Matt Pettinger Jersey
    01-02 UD Challenge for the Cup Leclair/Boucher Unstoppable Combos Jersey
    01-02 Topps Archive Steve Shutt and Marcel Dionne seat relics (Dionne has nice red paint on the piece)
    97-98 Pinnacel Certified MIRROR GOLD Rod Brind’Amour
    01-02 SP Authentic Probert Jersey
    99-00 UD Prospects Destination: The Show SPEZZA
    00-01 UD Heroes Gaborik RC
    01-02 Top Shelf Ziggy Palfy Jersey
    01-02 Parkhurst Fredrik Modin Jersey
    01-02 Private Stock Michal Rosival Patch
    00-01 Private Stock Titanium Jamie Langenbrunner Patch (3 color)
    01-02 UD Kristian Huselius RC
    02-03 Young Guns: Centomo, Fortin, Prusek. Memorable Season; Bobby Orr. Sizzling Scorers: Bertuzzi
    99-00 UD Prospects Dany Heatly
    95-96 Pinnacle Rink Collection Lemieux
    99-00 Omega Generation Steve, Paul Kariya. (BV 50)
    99-00 Crown Royale Limited Series Lindros (BV 50)
    99-00 BAP Eric Boguniecki RC
    01-02 Draft Day Titanium Sundin Jersey (pending)
    Lots of 03 Heritage Inserts (let me know what ya need)
    01-02 Prospects Gu Jerseys:
    Jay Harrison
    Greg Watson
    Mark Popovic
    Nathan Paetsh (gold)
    JF Soucy
    Cory Stillman
    Nicolas Corbell
    Colby Armstong
    Shawn Collymore (2 color)
    Kiel Mcleod (gold)
    Greg watson (gold)
    Doug Lynch
    Joel Stepp
    01-02 Draft Day Kamil Piros Rc
    03 Sig. Series AU Siedenberg, Mike York Gold
    03 Sig. Series RCS Nash, Hainsey
    03 Private Stock Titanium Valeri Bure Patch 3 Color
    03 Rookie Update Inspirations Volchenkov/Blake
    02 Top Shelf Roman Cechmanek 2 color leg pad
    02 SPGU Cechmanek/Fuhr Pad #/50
    03 Titanium Righ On Target Ivan Huml
    03 Titanium Scott Walker Jersey

    Scan Available upon request.

    Special Circumstances Cards to trade:

    00-01 Sign of the Times Mario Lemeiux/Milan Kraft for a single Howe, Orr or Gretzky autograph.
    Here is a scan: http://www.hpphoto.com/servlet/LinkP...5b25df07&size=

    01-02 BAP Memorabilia Country Of Origin Peter Bondra
    I am looking for 1 or 2 cards for this. I am looking for high dollar Roy patches and stuff. I know these are hot and I am in no hurry to trade it.


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    Jun 2003
    SCF Rewards

    what do you want for the 99-00 Omega Generation Steve

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    Mar 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See Hockey847700's Items on eBay

    BGS 8 01-02 Premier Collection Lukas Krajicek (1/1, only BGS 8 in existence)

    02-03 Parkhurst Alex Svitov RC #/50

    what are you looking for in a trade for those.

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    liebregts: can I see a trade list? Thanks,

    bigLOL: How about those two cards you wanted (bv 100) for your Pros+Prospects (graded) and BAP Signature Series Gaborik (bv 100)? Let me know.

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    Jun 2003

    I need this, 02-03 SPGU Rainbow Cujo #/10. Here is my tradelist:


    01/02 Top Shelf Pavel Bure Gold Stick 42/50
    00/01 Revolution Pierre Turgeon Red 82/99
    01/02 Pacific Atomic Jersey Segei Zubov (Green)
    99/00 BAP Millenium Signature Pavel Bure
    97/98 Donruss Preferred Mike Richter Color Guard 212/1500
    01/02 Pacific Atomic Patch Jeff Shantz (yellow) 184/203
    01/02 Private Stock Premiere Date Jason Williams RC 016/100
    01/02 Private Stock Premiere Date Tony Amonte 072/100
    01/02 BAP Signature Series Certified 100 Theoren Fleury
    01/02 Bowman Youngstars Ilya Kovalchuk Jersey (black)
    02/03 Atomic Ray Schultz Blue RC 173/175
    02/03 Atomic Pierre-Marc Bouchard Blue RC 23/175
    02/03 Atomic Dick Tarnstrom Blue RC 72/175
    02/03 Atomic Bill Guerin Jersey (black)
    01/02 Pacific Eric Weinrich Jersey 28/510 (white)
    00/01 Crown Royale Tommy Salo Premiere Date 1/80
    01/02 UD Honor Roll Dean's List Tony Amonte/Martin Spanhel (blue/red) 0923/1000
    00/01 UD Series 2 Pavel Bure Jersey (yellow)
    01/02 Titanium Billy Tibbets RC 374/534
    01/02 Atomic Wade Flaherty Patch (white/blue) 138/302
    01/02 Pacific Extreme Limited Garth Snow 37/49
    00/01 Black Diamond Game Gear Chris Drury Glove (black)
    01/02 Bowman Youngstars Mike Comrie Jersey (white with pink stains)
    01/02 Pacific Heads Up Quad Jerseys Lehtinen/Keane/Hogue/Sloan (white/black/green/blue)
    02/03 Private Stock Brenadan Morrison Red 34/50
    01/02 Pacific Heads Up Quad Jerseys Sullivan/Zhamnov/Nylander/Mironov (white/white/red/white/red)
    01/02 Atomic Guy Hebert Jersey (white/purple)
    01/02 Pacific Heads Up Quad Jerseys Kovalev/Roszival/Parent/Kasparitis (white/dirty yellow/black/black)
    01/02 UD Pride Of A Nation Jersey Dough Weight (blue)
    02/03 Exclusive Miroslav Satan Jersey (black)
    01/02 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Alexei Kovalev Auto
    01/02 Titanium Havlat/Hossa Double Jersey (black/black)
    02/03 Pacific Exclusive Alexei Kovalev Jersey (yellow)
    02/03 Titanium Kristian Huselius Jersey (blue) 0655/1305
    02/03 Titanium Ray Ferraro Jersey (red) 0661/1288
    02/03 Titanium Martin Biron Jersey (black) 0032/1019

    High-End Tradelist (I will only trade these cards for high-end cards I really need)

    01/02 BAP Memorabilia Adam Foote Stanley Cup Champions Jersey (blue) limited to 40!
    02/03 Crown Royale Dual Patches Alexei Kovalev and Martin Straka (yellow with seam/yellow with large black seam) 065/403
    01/02 Crown Royale Ilya Kovalchuk RC 122/267
    01/02 Titanium Jiri Dopita Hobby RC 1/20
    01/02 BAP Ulimate Memorabilia Pavel Bure Waving the Flag Jersey (yellow/blue) 16/30

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    Mar 2003
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    See Hockey847700's Items on eBay

    sorry hspelman, but ill pass on that one. what would you want for the krajicek? it is worth $50 ungraded, and since it is a BGS 8 it is probably worth anywhere from $30-$45. are there any specific players you would be looking for in a trade?

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    Mar 2003
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    See cujocollector's Items on eBay


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    biglol: I am asking regular value for the Krajicek because I could just break it out of the BGS 8 case..Let me know what you in Blackburn or Ryan Miller rookies.

    ICExHOG: Are the cards in the last part of your tradelist tradeable for the Cujo?

    Cujoluva: I am mostly looking for big cards for the Rainbow Cujo but I liked these:
    03 Honor Roll Grade A Broduer
    03 Mask Collection Maske Marvels Brodeur
    Parkhurst Stick/Jersey Brodeur
    03 SP Authentic Pascal Leclair FW RC
    02 Draft Day Dan Blackburn RC

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    Jun 2003

    It depends on what you want. Let me know

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    Mar 2003
    SCF Rewards
    See Hockey847700's Items on eBay

    i have this blackburn rookie

    01-02 ud honor roll deans list jersey w/ richter /1000

    lmk if you need it

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