Ok Gang, I have been gone from the forums a lot in the last 2 months because my Father has been really sick in the hospital... (He has Major Unfixable Heart problems among a lot of other things!!!)

I am looking to sell cards from my website to help my parents out with bills or just anything i can at this time.


My site needs to be a little updated but if you see anything you like plmk by PM, Email or here on the forum.

I have these that i dont have listed on my site:

Clinton Portis 03 Topps Finest Refractor #39 #'d 108/199
Jay Fiedler 03 Topps Finest Refractor #48 #'d 149/199
Randy Moss 02 Bowman Chrome Refractor #60 #'d 149/500
Dan Marino 03 Topps Chrome Record Breaker #RR7

Any help would be great!!!


Thanks, Dwain Weeks