Hello Guys

I am selling all of my basketball cards to anyone who is interested. I am selling them for 200 dollars plus shipping

The following are the players who cards i have . Most of the cards range from 89-92 in years

I also have a Chicago White Sox plaque with a minor league Micheal Jordan baseball card .

The following is a list of the players whos cards i have. Each player i have anywhere from 5-25 different cards of each player (Over 500 cards in all)

They are all in tip top shape and in binders which i will include in the sale (If you want me to go into furthur details about the cards email me at stratsbigfan@aol.com)

Shaq O Neill
Grant Hill
Chris Webber
Micheal Jordan
Karl Malone
John Stockton
Hakeem Olajuwon
Sam Cassell
Clyde Drexler
Robert Horry
Dikembe Motombo
Rodney Rodgers
Jalen Rose
Jamal Mashburn
Jason Kidd
Jim Jackson
David Robinson
Dennis Rodman
Christian Laettner
Shawn Kemp
Gary Payton
George Lynch
Doug Christie
Eddie Jones
Nick Van Exel
Carlos Rodgers
Cedric Ceballos
Bobby Hurley
Mitch Ritchmond
Walt Williams
Kevin Johnson
Wesley Person
Charles Barkley
Tim HArdaway
Chris Mullen
Isiah Thomas
Anfernee Hardaway
Horace Grant
Nick Anderson
Patrick Ewing
John Starks
Dee Brown
Eric Montross
Dino Radja
Dominique Wilkins
Kenny Anderson
Greg Minor
Derrick Coleman
Juwan Howard
Calbert Cheaney
Reggie Miller
Alonzo Morning
Larry Johnson
Scottie Pippen
Toni Kukoc
Vin Baker
Alan Houston


I also have all the 92 usa team cards for the players above who were on the team