Here is an update on Billy
Your caring is being appreciated


Although the cards mean a lot to him..he is more in need of encouragement. PLEASE..everyone spend 37 cents and send him a letter. It doesn't have to be anything long or detailed, just let him know that he is being thought of and that you are looking forward to trading with him when he feels up to it or something along those lines. Read in the update how he is already amazed at what he has received from people he has yet to meet.
It will fill your heart and make you feel good..I promise

Here is update 3/8/2004

Hi Mike.......Well I haven't been on the computer much the last couple of days.The reason being Billy was released from the hospital.He is home and doing pretty good physically,getting up and around.He still has a slight infection in his leg,but the hospital didn't want him to get a staff infection,so they released him.He is a very tough kid physically,but emotionally he is very weak right now.
I gave him the cards and letter you sent,but at this point I didn't get much reaction.All I know is that evening,Billy told his mom he can't believe people he don't know cares about him.He is very overwhelmed by the kindness of the people who have sent stuff so far.As of Saturday I had received 9 packages and your two boxes you sent
I am hoping more will come in by this next weekend as I will be spending alot of time with Billy.Billy is going to be ok,with the help and support of others.He has a big wall to climb,but as long as there are people behind him,he will never fall off that wall.Once he gets past the mental and emotional side of his injury and start focusing on what path he wants to take,he will be ok.It however will take people showing him they care and that Billy is still Billy and nothing has changed
Once Billy feels like he has been accepted the way he is,it won't be long til Billy is up and running again.Also the family wanted me to say thank you to the ones who have sent so far.They will be getting a more formal thank you in the future.
I am still going to get Billy a computer one way or another.I know someone here locally that said they could build one for around $300...So if nothing can be done on that end then I might look further into it.Well,thanks again Mike for everything.I will talk to you soon.Email me back and let me know how things are going....


Come on everyone...1 little letter or get well card !!!!

Hey Everyone

Please read post from another board below
For some reason this really got to me. Thomas has asked me to post this on some of the other boards. A link is provided below to the news article regarding this tragic accident. Can't imagine this happening to one of my family.
Let's give this young boy something to come home to that will keep him occupied and his mind off of his situation for a while.
The cards you send don't have to be anything special or high value. Heck,even if it is sending him a bunch of cards you no longer have use for and was wondering what to do with them,it will keep him busy.
Let's show him that we as traders/collectors look out for each other and we do care


You can contact Thomas directly at:

Here was original post.........

Helping Another collector...Please Read !!
Hi everyone.......Its been awhile since I have left a post on any trading forum.I have a situation I am hoping the traders on sportscardforum can help me with.I have a 17 yr old cousin named Billy.Well Billy accidently shot himself while holding his shotgun.He shot himself in the leg,right below the knee.He is a collector and a very well liked person here where I live.Well we found out that Billy will not be able to keep his leg.It was to be removed today,but they have put it off til tuesday at 2:00pm.Billy is extremely scared and thinks his life is nothing now.If at all possible I want to show him that life is not over.This is where I am asking for help.I would like to put together a package of cards as well as letters from other collectors and people who just want to help my cousin.He collects both bb and bk,but at this point anything will help.If you just want to send an encouraging letter that would be great.....If this is something the people of cardtradingfools would be willing to help me do,please contact me or post here..I have also included a link to the newspaper story below.....Also if you have any questions feel free to ask me.Thanks for listening...

Billy Barthelme
c/o Thomas Dodd
Russellville, AR. 72801

Here is link to news article

Here is who he collects:

Hi....To everyone that has replied,We appreciate it very much.As far as the players he likes,these are the ones he likes the baseball he likes Bonds,Nolan Ryan,Pujols,Giants and Yankees...In basketball he likes Jordan,Lebron James,Shaq, Corliss Williamson,Lakers,and Pistons.Also if anyone is interested in writing to Billy please feel free,You don't have to send anything but some encouraging words.Encouraging words are just as important as the cards.Well Thanks again and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask....