That’s right! You read the title correctly! All of these 2003 Bowman Draft Picks cards are for sale for only 25% of the book value! This is a tremendous savings. Complete your sets or shop for your favorite player. Get the cards now before the value skyrockets and the players make it to their prime. These cards are on a first come first serve basis. The price I list after the book value is the price I am asking. I don’t like Bowman Cards that much, so help me get rid of them! Shipping is $1 added to the total cost or a SASE (preferred). No Pay Pal. US cash only. Thanks

#s (all numbered BDP__)
#5-Ty Wigginton GOLD (book value: $1.00:::selling for 25 cents)
#13-Lyle Overbay CHROME (book value: 40 cents:::selling for: 10 cents)
#16-Jose Valverde (book value: 30 cents:::selling for: 8 cents)
#18-Brandon Larson (book value: 30 cents:::selling for: 8 cents)
#42-Craig Stansberry (book value: $1.00:::selling for: 25 cents)
#49-Steve Lerud (book value: $1.00:::selling for: 25 cents)
#51-Jon Papelbon (book value: 50 cents:::selling for: 13 cents)
#61-Mike Wagner (book value: 50 cents:::selling for: 13 cents)
#84-Edgardo Baez GOLD (book value:$1.50:::selling for 38 cents)
#112-Cliff Lee CHROME (book value: 40 cents:::selling for 10 cents)
#138-Ryan Howard CHROME (book value: $3.00:::selling for 75 cents)

That’s all! Hopefully they’ll all be gone by the end of today, and check again every day in this forum for a lot of great discounts as I continue to try and get rid of many of my cards!