Looking to unload some of these game used/autographed cards. Hoping in return to get rookie cards of: Bonds, McGwire, Canseco, Mattingly, Puckett, Ripken Jr., G. Carter, or a Nomar (1992 Topps Traded). Don’t worry if you don’t have any of those, I will also consider other game used and autographed cards. If an agreement cannot be reached there, I may sell. Let me know what you are interested in!

Dontrelle Willis 2004 Fleer Ultra “Diamond Producers” GU Jersey (gray) #ed 792/1000
Todd Walker 1994 Signature Series Draft Picks Autograph #ed 139/7750 card #8
Ryan Klesko 2002 Stadium Club “All-Stars” GU Jersey (gray) #ed 1126/1200
Gary Sheffield 2002 Flair “Power Tools” GU Bat
Frank White 2002 Topps Gold Label “MLB Awards Ceremony” GU Jersey (Blue)
Mike Piazza 2003 Fleer Platinum “Platinum Portraits” GU Jersey (black)
Jimmy Rollins 2003 Topps Chrome “Blue Backs” GU Jersey (gray)
Nick Johnson 2003 Donruss Classics “Dress Code” GU Jersey (white w/pinstripe) #ed 365/425
Doug Mientkiewicz/David Ortiz 2003 Playoff Prestige “Connections” Dual GU (Bat/Jersey(White)) #ed 229/400
So Taguchi 2002 Leaf Certified #ed 382/500 card #159 GU Bat RC
Derek Bell 2001 Private Stock “Game Used Gear” Game used Jersey (black)
Mike Napoli 2001 Royal Rookies Autographs #ed 5875/5950
Pedro Santana 2001 Royal Rookies Autographs #ed 3799/5950
Delvin James 2001 Royal Rookies Autographs #ed 3566/5950
Kevin Connacher 2001 Royal Rookies Autographs #ed 535/5950
Ryan Ballard 2001 Royal Rookies Autographs #ed 4095/5950
Ryan Church 2002 Bowmans Best Autographs BLUE #99
Matt Lawton 2000 Ultra Autographics #ed 826/1000
Justin Huber 2002 UD Minor “Signature Collection” Autograph
Tony Aramas 1999 Team Best Autographs
Ben Kozlowski 2003 Bowman Autographs
Jimmy Anderson 2001 Fleer Autographics
Tripper Johnson 2001 SP Top Prospects “Chirography” Autograph
Blas Minor 1996 Leaf Signature Series Autograph
Nick Neugebauer 2002 Topps Pristine “Personal Endorsements” Autograph
Troy Glas 2002 Big League Challenge Materials GU Jersey (blue)—“Untouched”-by Sports Collectors Digest
Wilbur Wood 2002 Topps Archives Autograph
Todd Betts 2001 Royal Rookies Autograph #ed 3975/5950
Carlos Beltran/Mike Sweeney 2002 Playoff Absolute Memoribilia “Team Tandems” Dual GU Bat Card

Let me know what you are interested in!